Very Interesting Find Tonight

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Murder Of William Morgan
 I wish to display the following PDf document from a recognized Masonic research group entitled The Thomas Webb Organization. The document includes information on William Morgan who was murdered by the Freemasons for divulging their secrets in a book. What I found interesting was the paragraph in which the author states that Morgan joined the Royal Arch of Masonry in May of 1825, when today’s Freemasons keep making erroneous claims that Morgan was NEVER a Freemason. To be initiated into the Royal Arch, one must first become a Master Mason of a regular lodge.
Another interesting piece of information can be found a little further down the page. The author "claims" that William Morgan became disgruntled with Freemasonry and vowing on revenge, began gloating and bragging about his exposing book. Then a "suspicious fire" burned down his publisher’s (David Miller) company. Now, where have we heard this before? Right!! It was on June 19, 2007 when Bob Hinton informed us that a similar suspicious fire burned down the publishing company that was printing Joseph Barnwell’s book exposing the secrets of Freemasonry!! Can one see a common denominator emerging here? This "suspicious fire" alibi is a programmed response that Freemasons use when they have sabotaged and boycotted books, much like they did with mine.


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