Dr. Alfred William Pearson’s Surgical Qualifications

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Dr. Alfred W. Pearson: Jack The Ripper
Over on the Jack The Ripper Forums message boards, Magpie is erroneously claiming that Dr. Pearson did not obtain the qualificatons to perform surgical procedures and that is a blatantly false accusation. I received his academic transcripts in 2006 and still currently hold them in my possession. The document states:
3rd November 1876
In presence of Misters Keiller, Douglas and Balfour (Physicians); Littlejohn, Wilson, and Bell (Surgeons); appeared:
John Richard Oliver                   Woolwich
Joseph William Christie             Shirling
James Graham Jefferson           Lisburn
Alfred William Pearson              Brierley Hill
Edward Bass Reckitt                 Wainfleet
who being examined on their skill in Anatomy Surgery and Pharmacy, were found duly qualified to practice these arts and received Diplomas, having paid the usual fees to the Treasurer.
                                  Signed, Henry Littlejohn
                                  3rd November 1876
Therefore, Pearson was duly qualified to perform Surgery.

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