Stourbridge Poor Law Union

Posted: May 10, 2008 in Dr. Alfred W. Pearson: Jack The Ripper
I just received an email from the Staffordshire Record Office and a very informative lady sent me the following information about Pearson’s connection to the Stourbridge Union Workhouse:

There is also a return of guardians and officers of the Union, dated 1880-1881 (our reference D585/1/1/129), which we did check on your behalf.  The name of the Medical Officer was given as John Thompson, and there is no mention of Alfred Pearson.  Having said that, the return is signed by the clerk and dated 24 May 1880, so perhaps you know that Pearson took office later that year.  Unfortunately the next surviving return of guardians and officer covers 1891-1892, when the Medical Officer is again given as John Thompson.

So Pearson did take office as the Medical Officer of the Workhouse in late 1880. Magpie, I hope you have learned your lesson about posting up misinformation. I encourage you to discontinue with this lying as I have further information on Dr. Pearson, and will continue to post it up and prove you are not being entirely honest.


For example, you recently stated on May 9, 2008 that I was caught lying about Pearson’s surgical expertise and claimed that he was exempted from writing his examinations. I was only reporting this information from the documents that I received, which states:


No.             Name                               Birth         Anatomy   Physiology  


806   Alfred William Pearson    Kingswinford            Exempt 


Pearson was exempted from the First Examinations in May 1876. The information that I posted up yesterday referred to November 3, 1876. So, I was not caught lying , Magpie – you were (AGAIN!)




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