Order Of Oddfellows

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Secret Societies
Both Bob Hinton and Magpie have attempted to convince readers that the Order of Oddfellows, and other similiar Secret Societies, are purely Benefit Societies; however, these Societies meet in Lodges, have Secret handshakes, codes and passwords. Found below is a quotation from a book entitled, "Devil-Worship in France or The Question of Lucifer", writtten in 1896 by Arthur Edward Waite.
…previous witnesses are amplified by M. de la Rive. Like Dr Bataille, he tells us that the Order of Oddfellows, though quite distinct from Palladism, is "essentially Luciferian," but he does not say why or how–instance … General "in permanent mission." It is a bizarre medley which includes the Orders of the Druids, Mopses, Oddfellows, and Mormon Moabites in the same connection as the Ancient and Accepted Scotch Rite, the Rites of Memphis…
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You can download the entire e-book at this link:
These images were taken from the Calendar of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1875. Dr. Alfred William Pearson passed the Preliminary Examination for the Diploma of Member in July 1873. To see the images clearly, you can find them at this link. Type in the numbers "291" and "292" in the box after the word "Page".

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