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Posted: July 3, 2008 in Dr. Alfred W. Pearson: Jack The Ripper
I have contacted the Royal Society of Apothecaries in London to inquire whether Dr. Alfred William Pearson received his Apothecary license from them, since they are the main Licencing body for L.S.A.’s (Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries), and was told that Pearson was not a Licentiate or Member of the Royal Society Of Apothecaries. So exactly where did he receive his Licence to be an Apothecary? I have also checked at least 6 Kelly’s Directories for both Worcestershire and Staffordshire without success. There is no mention in these directories of Pearson carrying out the duty of an Apothecary. He is only listed as a Physician, Surgeon, Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator.
Here are the Kelly’s Directories for Worcestershire and Staffordshire:
Here is the link to these directories since the images are so small. Enter "Alfred William Pearson" in the search bar.
Dr. Alfred William Pearson’s second cousin, Dr. John Jones Parrish was a Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries though. Found below is his entry from The Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal, 1847 p. 223. Found here:
Next image is the announcement of Alfred William Pearson having passed his final examinations, and becoming an LRCP and LRCS Edinburgh. From The Medical Times and Gazette, November 11, 1876 p. 559 (Notice how the institution is named as "The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh"). Found here:
The next image is a list of medical men who have paid a subscription to the offering of a Portrait of Sir Clifford Allbutt as a tribute to his many contributions as an esteemed member of the British Medical Association. Dr. Pearson can be found on this list. From the British Medical Journal, May 31, 1919 p. 678. Found here:

Found below, is a record of Dr. Alfred William Pearson, from Stourbridge, assisting Dr. Lawson Tait in an ovariotomy of the left ovary on a 14 year old patient. The operation was successful and the patient survived. Click here to see a large version of the image and the entire article by Lawson Tait. Tait was a very prestigious Surgeon who performed many ovariotomies and nephrectomies through the lumbar approach. He never became an MD and is considered a pioneer in Gynecological Surgery. He was the President of The British Gynecological Society, The Medical Defence Union, and was the first Professor of Gynecology at Queen’s College in Birmingham. Read the entire article by Tait to find out more about Pearson’s abilities as a Doctor, as he correctly diagnosed a patient with a possible cancerous ovary.
The information about Pearson attending, observing and assisting the surgery of the 14 year old girl can be found on page 923.




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