Herbrand Arthur Russell

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Other Ripper Research
11thDukeOfBedford (WinCE)Herbrand Arthur Russell, the future 11th Duke of Bedford, and, according to my analysis on the Ripper case, one of the killers that comprised the team of "Jack the Ripper" had an interesting year in 1888. On May 2 he was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards, on August 7, he resigns this post and on September 4th is made a Lieutenant in the Reserve Forces. As many are aware, Martha Tabram was murdered on August 7, 1888 and Tabram’s friend, Mary Ann Connely, stated at the inquest into Tabram’s murder that they were accompanied on the night in question by two soldiers. She then goes on to state that one of them was a Corporal and one was a Private. Tabram’s body sustained 39 stab wounds and the wound to her sternum was caused by a bayonet or dagger. Police Constable Barrett claimed that he saw a Grenadier Guardsman standing at the North End of George-Yard Buildings around 2:00 am – the time when Martha Tabram was said to have been murdered. Another interesting tidbit is that Herbrand’s father committed suicide after a long battle with insanity.
War Office, Pall Mall, May 29th, 1888
Grenadier Guards
Supernumerary Lieutenant Lord Herbrand A. Russell, to be lieutenant, vice C.W. Darby Griffith.     Dated 2nd May, 1888
Source: The London Gazette, Tuesday, May 29, 1888, page 3011
War Office, Pall Mall, 7th August, 1888
Grenadier Guards
Lieutenant Lord Herbrand A. Russell resigns his commission.   Dated 8th August 1888
Source: The London Gazette, August 7, 1888, page 4246
Lord Herbrand A. Russell, late Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards, to be Lieutenant. Dated 5th September, 1888.
Source: The London Gazette, September 4, 1888, page 4737

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