The Stowell Timeline

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Other Ripper Research
I thought it would be interesting to list, in chronological order, the articles pertaining to Stowell’s Royal Ripper theory as written in the New York Times. So, here goes:
1.) Paper Believes Jack the Ripper Was Queen Victoria’s Grandson
November 2, 1970, Monday
LONDON, Nov. 1 (AP) The Sunday Times expressed belief today that Jack the Ripper, infamous London murderer of nearly 100 years ago, was Edward, Duke of Clarence, grandson of Queen Victoria and older brother of King George V.
2.) Royal Family Is Silent About Jack the Ripper
November 3, 1970, Tuesday
LONDON, Nov. 2 (AP)– Buckingham Palace said today that "we have no comment" to make on an account of Jack the Ripper published here yesterday suggesting that the notorious l9th-century murderer was a member of the British royal family.
3.) Palace Digs in Its Records; Defends Duke in Ripper Case
November 5, 1970, Thursday
LONDON, Nov. 4 (AP)– Buckingham Palace officials today came to the defense of Edward, Duke of Clarence, great uncle of Queen Elizabeth II, disputing charges that he might have been Jack the Ripper, a ghoulish murderer of the last century.
4.) Writer Denies He Hinted Ripper Had Royal Blood
November 10, 1970, Tuesday
LONDON, Nov. 9 (AP) Thomas E.A. Stowell, the surgeon and author whose hints touched off speculation that Jack the Ripper was the great-uncle of Queen Elizabeth II, denied today that he had ever suggested that the notorious murderer was of royal blood.
5.) Expert on Ripper Is Dead in Britain; Evidence Burned   
November 15, 1970, Sunday
LONDON, Nov. 14 (AP)–A doctor who said he knew the identity of Jack the Ripper has died and his son has burned the dossier of evidence unread.
Source: The New York Times

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