Common Misconception Of Dr. Gull

Posted: February 10, 2009 in The Non-Rippers
Unfortunately, I have read on numerous occasions that Dr. William Withey Gull was Surgeon to the Queen and that is not entirely true. Dr. Gull was a physician to the Queen. According to this dissertation from The British Medical Journal, she had her own surgical team, of which Dr. Gull was not a member.
Therefore, Dr. Gull was not qualified to perform surgery and the Queen had more qualified and esteemed surgeons at her beck and call, such as Lord Lister. Not to mention, Dr. Gull was 72 years old in 1888 and had suffered multiple strokes and TIA’s (Trans-Ischemic Attacks). Each stroke and TIA robs the victim of more and more function to perform daily tasks.

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