George Hutchinson Onboard The Ophir

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
After discovering that George Hutchinson was travelling from Australia to London and back again, I began studying passenger lists and found something that may be of interest to my readers:
A George Hutchinson, born in 1866 and listed as a labourer, was onboard the Ophir leaving London for Sydney Australia in 1894.
Name:                          George HUTCHINSON
Date of departure:      21 September 1894                  
Port of departure:          London            
Passenger destination port:  Sydney, Australia         
Passenger destination:          Sydney, Australia         
Date of Birth:                    1866 (calculated from age)
Age:                                  28
Marital status:              Single
Sex:                                Male
Occupation:                    Labr
Passenger recorded on:    Page 7 of 13
Ship:                                 OPHIR
Official Number:                0
Master’s name:           J F Ruthven
Steamship Line:
Where bound:         Sydney, Australia
Square feet:                   6833
Registered tonnage:      6910
Passengers on voyage:  389
Here is another interesting one:
Date of departure:                 19 January 1912                       
Port of departure:                   London            
Passenger destination port:   Adelaide, Australia       
Passenger destination:           Adelaide, Australia       
Date of Birth:   
Marital Status:                  Single
Sex:                                   Male
Occupation:                       Labourer
Passenger recorded on:   Page 5 of 32
Ship:                                 ORVIETO
Official Number:               129628
Master:                            W S Shelford
Steamship Line:               Orient
Where bound:                 Australia
Square feet:                   14466
Registered tonnage:        7421
Passengers on voyage:   1011
Here are a couple more passenger records of a George Hutchinson sailing from London to Australia:
FAMILY NAME             Given name                 Ship name 
HUTCHINSON                   George                 HOBSONS BAY
Port of embarkation         London  
Port of disembarkation    Fremantle
Date of arrival                 28 Aug 1925
 Barcode no                     12257689
FAMILY NAME      Given name                Ship name
HUTCHINSON            George                 Hobson’s Bay 
Port of embarkation        Unknown
Port of disembarkation    Brisbane
Date of arrival                 08 Mar 1928 
Barcode no                      11553634




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