Is This George Hutchinson at Age 40?

Posted: February 21, 2009 in Other Ripper Research

           Mr. George Hutchinson                     George Hutchinson

I found the photo on the left while looking through some newspaper archives in New Zealand. This is a photo of a Mr. George Hutchinson who invented a new cow-milking machine. I placed the photo of George Hutchinson, supplied by his son Reginald Hutchinson, beside it for comparison and I must say, that I see a great deal of similiarities in the shape of the eyebrows and eyes, the same thickness of the bottom lip, the same moustache and the very same look about the eyes.

Source: Progress, Volume I, Issue 9, 2 July 1906, Page 24

Here is the article in its entirety——-10–1—-2%22George+Hutchinson%22-all

I also found the patent information at the CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office) and the info can be found at these links:



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