Somerset’s Flight

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Cleveland Street Scandal
London "Truth" Tells a Story of Disgraceful Acts.
Eighty Prominent Persons Accused of Horrible Deeds – Lord Salisbury Charged with Advising Them to Slip.
[Standard Special – S.F. Chronicle Service]
LONDON, Nov. 15. – Labouchere, in Truth, this week, says: The law must be equally administered, if not in Ireland at least in England. A short time ago several telegraph boys in the neighborhood of Cavendish Square were found to be spending more money than they earned. An enquiry was made by the postal authorities, and it was discovered that the boys were supplied with money by a band of gentlemen who met at a house in Cavendish Street.
"Further investigations disclosed what took place at these gatherings of gentlemen of England, but it is, of course, impossible to even briefly mention what occurred.
"The revealed facts are in the hands of some officer in Scotland Yard, but as some of the greatest hereditary names of the country are up in the scandal every effort is being made to secure immunity for the criminals.
"Indeed I am informed creditably that the home office is throwing obstacles in the way of prompt action in Scotland Yard, and is trying to get the persons concerned out of the country before warrants are issued. The fall of Louis Phillippi was to a great extent due to Duc de Praslin having murdered his governess; but such a crime compared favorably with that of the titled miscreant. Very possibly our government of classes is of the opinion that the revelations which would ensue were the criminal put on trial would deal a blow to the reign of classes and the social influence of the aristocracy.
"Let them, however, understand that they will not be allowed to protect their friends.
"It would really be too monstrous if the crimes which, when committed by poor ignorant men, led to sentences of penal servitude were to be done with impunity by those whom the Tory government delights to honor. I warn Mr. Matthews that if he does not take action in this matter, there will be a heavy reckoning when parliament meets.
"I have no sort of sympathy with vigilance associations and other such private censors of morals, but between their prying action and the home officers’ action in impeding the police and warning high born criminals to get out of the jurisdiction of British courts in order to save them from prosecution, there is a wide difference."
This social sensation really overshadows anything England has ever known. Every effort is being made to suppress the facts by members of the government, but talk tonight is that Police Commissioner Munro threatens to resign. Unless warrants are allowed to be issued within ten days he will throw up his appointment. He is unble to issue warrants himself. That should be done by the home office, which is keeping them back as long as possible to enable the fellows to get out of the country and as far as possible.
Lord Salisbury has received a request from Mr. Munro, who asked to be allowed to issue warrants. Salisbury said he required twenty four-hours to consider the application. Meantime, Lord Salisbury gave warning to the accused, who took the hint and packed their trunks and went to the continent, where they are now. Lord Salisbury then wrote to Mr. Munro saying that he thought it would be useless to issue the warrants as the men wanted had fled the country.
The only three names that it is absolutely safe to mention now are Lord Arthur Somerset, Lord Ronald Gower and Errol, the equery of Prince Albert Victor; but the names of more than eighty prominent persons are in the possession of the police and the home office.
Source: Ogden Standard Examiner 1889-11-20
Important point: Recently, Masonic Info, a malicious site intended to malign truthful and honest individuals as "anti-masons" and "jokes" has accused me of just copying out newspaper articles from other sites on the internet without giving any information as to how the articles pertain to Jack the Ripper’s murders in Whitechapel. The points that I am trying to make by transcribing these articles (by hand) are to show even more examples of some of London’s wealthiest Aristocrats being allowed to get away with their dastardly crimes, and to show that the important personages involved in the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 are the exact same individuals involved in the Cleveland Street Scandal.
Once, a poster named "Sam Flynn" asked me if Lord Arthur Somerset had been arrested for any crimes prior to his involvement in the Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889. He needs to understand that Somerset, the Prince of Wales’s equerry, would naturally be defended by the Palace. What’s more important is that if Somerset was not involved in the Cleveland Street Scandal, then why did he turn tail and run like a coward? At least the Earl of Euston, who was also involved in the Cleveland Street debacle had the fortitude to stay and fight his tenuous innocence. My answer to Sam Flynn is this – it is difficult to arrest a man who keeps getting assisted to escape by individuals in both the Palace and in the British Government of that era.
Police Commissioner James Munro
[Special to The ENQUIRER:]
LONDON. March, 5. – It is rumored that Mr. Munro Commissioner of Police has resigned and that Captain Shew of the Fire Brigade will be appointed to succeed him. Mr. Munroe’s retirement has been caused, it is understood, by his refusal to relieve the government by accepting the responsiblity for the escape of the titled criminals implicated in the Cleveland Street scandal. Shew as a fireman has been a great failure.
Source: The Daily Enquirer 1890-03-07 Political Workings

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