Abberline Makes Two Arrests

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Cleveland Street Scandal
Henry Labouchere

Blackest Scandal – The Great City In a Perfect Foment About It.
Labouchere Will Air It In Parliament – The Latest News Concerning It.
LONDON, Dec. 23. – It is reported that Mr. Munro, the commissioner of police, has accepted a foreign appointment and that he will retire from his present office before parliament convenes. No reason is assigned for this change either by Munro or the government, but nevertheless, every one seems to be aware of it. There is no doubt the West End scandal, the revelation of which has shocked the country, is primarily responsible for it. Monro had determined to arrest and prosecute the titled offenders, but he was held by the home secretary. In the meantime the principal offenders escaped to the continent where they are now hiding from the public gaze. An exposure of the scandal is promised in parliament by Labouchere, who has been accumulating evidence regarding the criminals, and the government has attempted to spike his guns by shifting the responsibility for the escape of the offenders from the shoulders of the Home Secretary Matthews to those of the hapless Monro, who will then be out of the country and who, if he wishes to continue in the enjoyment of the sinecure provided for him, will not defend himself. Almost every day adds something to the popular knowledge of the distinguished personages involved in the blackest scandal with which London has had to deal for many years. Two men of high social standing were arrested by Inspector Abberline today in connection with the unspeakable scandal. They were not brought before the magistrate publicly, but as the inspector was seen in the private room of that official, it is thought the case was tried privately.
Source: The Quincy Daily Journal, December 23, 1889


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