The Masonic Goat

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Baphomet

Image Source: History of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons and Concordant Orders, edited by Lee C. Hascall et. al., 1890
"Riding the goat" is a very secretive aspect of Freemasonry, and that most of regular Society is unaware of it’s true meaning, is a constant "running joke" with Freemasons. That is because they want us to think that the use of this "Masonic Goat" is only for an initiation prank, but it is anything but innocent. Here are some articles which pertain to this "Masonic Goat":
After moistening their throats the quartet of the delegation, Emmett Browning, first tenor; William Heath, second tenor; F.H. Forbes, first bass, and J.M. Root, second bass, sang the songs of their native land to the admiration of hundreds who heard them, and one song they sang. "The Song of the Shrine," written by Mr. Browning, and composed by Captain Shuey, was a "corker."
You are earnestly requested,
Now that you have been divested.
To be loyal to the staunchest craft afloat;
And when you’re reinvested
You become more interested
And stick tighter to the old Masonic Goat.
At first you are suspicious,
But you find it quite nutritious,
And your appetite grows stronger all the time.
You say it is delicious
And you’re feeling quite felicious,
As up the ladder step by step you climb.
Refrain: Zip! let’er go! ha! ha!  (Now where have we heard this before?)
Hark! hear the signet fall,
While you twang the doodle, doodle dum!
‘Tis the song the Shriners sing
And the song that is the thing.
If I live to see another day
A Shriner I will be.
But the audience was not satisfied with this effort, and for half an hour the best male quartet in Minnesota made the corridors of the hotel ring with their songs.
Source: Omaha Daily Bee (Omaha [Neb.]), July 23, 1894, Page 8, Image 8
INDIANAPOLIS, December 29th. – Eighteen Celestials who reside in this city and State were today instructed in the first degree of Chinese Freemasonry by Mang Du, Chief Master and Bishop of San Francisco. Other noted Chinese from San Francisco are present, and the work will be continued until Sunday.
Source: Daily alta California, Edition 1, Volume 83, Issue Number 184, Page number 6
A young man in New York was deeply impressed with the beauties of Freemasonry and after considerable effort, mental and otherwise, had fitted himself for the ceremony of initiation into the order. He had heard of the "goat" and the "gridiron" and many other things connected with the first degree and was prepared to be surprised at nothing. In the course of his first evening at the lodge he stepped on a tack, which stuck into his foot and gave him considerable pain. He said nothing and made no effort to remove it, painful though it was. Two hours later, when it seemed to him that there was nothing more to come in the way of initiation, he asked if he might take the tack out of his foot. His sufferings were not ameliorated when he was told that the tack had nothing to do with the ceremonies. – New York Post.
Source: Amador ledger, 1903-12-18, Edition 1, Volume 1903, Issue Number 18, Page Number 4
The great end and aim of Freemasonry, we are told is CHARITY. But according to this statement, the charity of St. Johns’ Lodge bore about the same relation to its refreshments, as Sir John Falstaff’s bread bore to his sack. – Alb. Jour.
If any thing is needed to confirm the belief of antimasons, in the virulent, withering, deadly and persecuting spirit of freemasonry, the conduct of some of its members as recently exhibited, has furnished abundant evidence of the fact. And many who have heretofore had great faith in the purity of freemasonry, are now satisfied that its spirit is selfish, sordid, exclusive, and persecuting.
As an illustration of this fact, take one of their old and long tried friends – let his character be ever so unsullied and pure in a political, moral, or religious point of view, and let him be convinced that it is his duty to put himself into the antimasonic ranks, and assist in rolling up the orb of truth and righteousness, so that the dark recesses and bloody mysteries of masonic tyranny and vengeance may be penetrated and exposed. Let this be done and what is the consequence? He is immediately marked out by his quandum masonic friends, as the victim of their bitterness and most vindictive malice. Their shafts, dipt in poison double distilled, are showered upon him in thick profusion, and the vocabulary of Billingsgate is searched in vain for language expressive enough to convey and carry home with effect and power, the full meaning of their venom and ire.
With them this man’s character, although pure and unspotted before, is now black as "Erebus." He is not to be trusted – every means is taken to alienate his friends from him – to stop his success in business – to mar his fortune in every possible way – traduce his character, bring his reputation, if possible, into general suspicion and contempt – and in a word, to destroy himself and family, if in their power, and cast them pennyless on the cold charities of the world.
Such is the spirit which free masonry engenders in the breast of her devotees, and  such the persecution which the antimasonic candidate for member of Congress is receiving from his former professed friends. – Oswego Press
Source: Ogdenburgh, [N.Y.] March 21, 1833
Here we are 176 years later, and nothing has changed at all, has it? This is exactly what Masonic Info, Freemasons and Masonic Ripperologists are doing to me now. For shame!! 


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