George Louis Gumprecht

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
George Louis Gumprecht was employed by the river police in the 1870’s to photograph corpses dredged out of the Thames. He was succeeded by Joseph Thomas Martin in 1886. Martin is the police photographer who photographed the mortuary photos of the victims who fell prey to Jack’s knife. Here is some biographical information on the aforementioned George Louis Gumprecht:

Gumprecht, George Louis
Alternative names: Georg Ludwig Gumprecht
Born 1832, Germany. Died 1908.
Gumprecht, George Louis (i.e. Georg Ludwig Gumprecht).
Born in Hanover, Germany 1832.
Naturalised British subject April 27 1880.
Md Elizabeth A. (1849 – 1886).
2 sons & 2 daughters.
STUDIOS: 1. 12 Cannon Street Road, Stepney 1864 – 1865.
2. 11 Cannon Street Road, Stepney 1865 – 1886. Succeeded by J Martin
Licensee of Jolly Sailor PH 182 – 183 St George Street, Shadwell 1881 – 1887; concert hall license refused 1887, after inspection of premises by Middlesex justices.
Employed by river police in 1870s to photograph corpses dredged out of Thames; the post passed to his successor, Joseph Martin in 1886.
Proprietor of King’s Oak Hotel, High Beech, Loughton, Essex 1887 – 1908; re – erected electric organ (cost £800) from old pub in hotel dining – room.
1861: photographer living at 156 St George Street, Ratcliff Highway, Shadwell. Also linguist.
Died in Edmonton 1908.
LITERATURE: William Collinson. The apostle of free labour. London, Hurst & Blackett, 1913; correspondence with Robin Hutcheon in Australia 1998.
Photographer 1861
Linguist          1861
Licensee (Public House)  1881
Here is some more information on George Louis Gumprecht for your perusal:
Finally, a photo of King’s Oak Hotel, where Gumprecht was proprietor


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