Interesting Address From An Anti-Mason Candidate For Governor

Posted: April 5, 2009 in Secret Societies
To the electors of Barnstable County.
Fellow Citizens: – The time draws near when you will again be called upon to say who shall be your rulers – who shall preside over your destinies – who shall be your counsellors and lawgivers for the next political year. At such a season it has been the custom of the various political parties who have at different times divided the people of this County and State, to address you, and set before you the merits of the several candidates presented for your suffrages. In compliance with this custom, as well as in accordance with our own feelings, and the wishes of the respectable body of our fellow citizens whom we have the honor to represent, we would respectfully recommend to your consideration the merits of the candidates nominated by the Anti-Masonic State Convention and approved of by the meeting held at Sandwich on the 30th inst.
Before proceeding however to speak directly of the qualifications of our candidates, we beg leave to advert briefly to the causes which have made it necessary to form a national and state Anti-Masonic party, and which still make it necessary to continue such parties in existence.
Previous to the publication of William Morgan’s book in 1826, and his abduction and Murder in the same year (in consequence of his having revealed some of the secrets of Freemasonry,) but little was known of the nature and designs of the Masonic Institution in this country. Previous to that period Free Masons might well amuse themselves by singing,
The world is all in darkness,
About us they conjecture,
But little think a song and drink,
Succeeds the Mason’s lecture.
Previous to that period the Masonic was generally believed to be a very charitable and benevolent institution – a promoter of the purest morality – the handmaid of religion – – and itself a relic of antiquity equaled only by the volume of eternal truth. Indeed so highly have some parents venerated it (who were ignorant of its mysteries) that when they had induced their sons to join it, they felt that they were almost as secure as if they were anchored in the regions of eternal felicity.
But since the disclosures made by Morgan in 1826 and the events that have followed in their train, a radical change has to a considerable extent taken place in opinion. It is not now merely conjectured but has been proved to the satisfaction we believe of every candid man; and that by the highest and most impartial tribunals in our county, such as Legislative Committees and Courts of justice; that instead of being a charitable; is is a profligate institution — instead of being a promoter of virtue, it is a promoter of race – instead of being the handmaid of religion, it is the handmaid of infidelity – instead of being a benefit to the community, it is an injury, inasmuch as its members are sworn to give their votes to a mason in preference to one who is not – and that instead of aiding the tribunals of our country in ferretting out transgressors of the laws, that its members are sworn to protect one another, right or wrong even murder and treason not excepted; and that this is not their theory only but their actual practice in protecting and shielding the murderers, and abettors in the murder of Morgan, and by furnishing them with money to escape from the country. In a word from the disclosures that have been made, we cannot draw a fairer picture of masonry than by saying in the language of another, that the "masonic institution stands before us with her hands and garments dripping blood – her forehead stamped with murder – the laws under her feet – and religion and justice shrieking in her presence. Although this is a dark picture Fellow Citizens, we are persuaded that it is a true one, otherwise we should not think of calling upon you to arise in the majesty of your power, and by your voluntary act free our country from a deadly foe to liberty and laws.
But we are aware Fellow Citizens, there is a party in existence at the present day – a party to which lays very high claims to a love of country, which will tell you that though political Anti Masonry might have been necessary several years ago, yet it is not so any longer, as masons in Massachusetts have delivered up their charter and masonry is now dead. But we trust you have sufficient discernment to know the difference between a civil, and a masonic charter. The former is received from the Legislature, the latter from the Grand Dignitaries of Free Masonry – the former, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts have given up, of the latter, they say "we will continue to hold it, independent alike of popular will and legal enactment."
From these premises Fellow Citizens, and from abundant evidence now before the public, we firmly believe that masonry is not only a corrupt, but also a political institution; and that it can never be broken up but by the peaceable remedy of the ballot box.
We would therefore respectfully recommend to your notice Hon. John Bailey of Dorchester, as a suitable candidate for the office of Governor. We have too high an opinion of your intelligence fellow citizens, to believe you can be ignorant of the claims of Mr. Bailey – a man who has served the State eight years in the Congress of the United States, six years in an important office in the Department of State at Washington, and six years in the Legislature of Massachusetts. In presenting such a citizen for your suffrages it is only necessary for us to say, that Mr. Bailey is not the friend of a secret combination whose benevolence goes no farther than the walls of the Lodge rooms – – that he is not the candidate of, or particular friend of the monied aristocracy –but is a man of the people – a friend to domestic industry and internal improvement – a friend to common schools and universal education; and a man perfectly acquainted with the wants and woes of the laboring man, and if elected will attend to the duties of his office with diligence and fidelity.
We would also recommend to your notice Hon. George Odiorne of Boston, as a suitable candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor. Mr. Odiorne by his own enterprise and industry has raised himself from a state of a comparative poverty, to a state of competence. He has been a member of the State Legislature repeatedly, and discharged his duty with fidelity and we feel confident if elected will discharge the duties of Lt. Governor, with general satisfaction.
It now only remains for us to recommend for your suffrages Hon. Matthew Cobb of Barnstable, as a candidate from this County. With his character we feel confident you are perfectly acquainted, –We recommend him to your support having the most perfect confidence in his integrity and ability to discharge the duties of Senator, with honor to himself and his constituents.
Thus fellow citizens, we have briefly adverted to the cause of our organization and the merits of the candidates we present for your suffrages. Without detracting from the merits of others, we feel confident that no more deserving candidates are now before the people. Come then to the polls Fellow Citizens, on Monday November 10th, and shew by your votes, that the hardy and intelligent yeomanry of Cape Cod, have no sympathies for a secret, murderous institution, or for a purse proud aristocracy.
Josiah Bacon,
Charles H. Freeman,
Josiah Gifford,
Seth Freeman,
Josiah F. Clark,
William Stutson,
Charles C.P. Waterman,
Benj’n Hallett,
James Lovell,
Geo. Lovell,
Geo. Hinckley,
James N. Lovell
Source: Barnstable Patriot, November 5, 1834, page 2
Note: It’s quite interesting to see how important these groups were then and how equally important they are today. One group of anti-masons who have formed a very important organization is "Freemasonry Watch,"  which can be located at this URL:
Captain William Morgan’s captivating book which details the true secrets of Freemasonry can be found here. Every degree of Freemasonry is described in full detail:
Captain William Morgan

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