Origin Of Antimasonry

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Secret Societies

Origin of Anti-Masonry.
From the Lyons Countryman.

On the 11th of September, 1826, a freeman was stolen; and on the 19th of the same month and year he was assassinated. Certain private citizens, suspecting these crimes and seeing no officers of government engaged to discover and convict the criminals, felt themselves compelled, by the common sympathies of humanity, to enquire into them. They discovered who the criminals were; and gave such information as produced the indictment and prosecution of some of them. A few were convicted, but none of the most guilty. The criminals were all Freemasons. The Freeman was stolen and murdered by them, for revealing the secrets of Freemasonry. These secrets consist of ingenious contrivances to obtain unjust advantages over all who are not members of the fraternity, and of guilty oaths binding masons, on the penalty of death, to the strict and universal application of them, for the benefit of the initiated. The revelation of them, was, therefore, a secret duty. It was an act of disinterested and bold philanthropy; and is destined to become a subject of universal and lasting admiration. It was intended to save the honest, ingenius and liberal minded men of the community, from the secret frauds, pecuniary, political, and social, of active, ambitious, profligate, and sordid men. The thieves and assassins were men of high standing with the fraternity, of whom some hundreds know them and all the circumstances of their guilt. But these knowing ones refuse to disclose their names, or any of those circumstances. Rather than do this, some evade their duties as judges, sheriffs and public prosecuters; others perjure themselves, on petit juries, on grand juries, as witnesses, and otherwise. And as all the personal knowledge, as well as personal guilt, in these most heinous deeds, is confined by means which the institution furnishes, in express reference to such cases to Freemasons, the truth cannot be judicially ascertained, nor the criminals judicially punished. The whole value of government is summed up, in the capacity to make just laws, and to apply them to the conduct of life. And that branch of law, which relates to the definition, proof and punishment of crimes is more interesting than any other, in the same ratio, that the rights of liberty and life are more valuable than any other rights. So inestimable are these rights deemed, that the preservation of them is the first concern of government, which must necessarily soon dissolve when it can no longer preserve them. But the customary means by which government preserves the liberty and life of those whom it has in charge, are the admiration, by its courts of justice, of the laws, which it enacts to prevent invasions of them. When the flagrant invasion of liberty and life were committed, we had courts of justice with all their officers properly empowered to expose and punish them. And these officers were paid by the public, and sworn with integrity and zeal, to aid in the execution of the laws. They neglected to perform their duties. Then the private citizens before alluded to, with the integrity and zeal which should characterize the officers of office, and with the public spirit of disinterested passion, in addition, commenced their labors.

They had full confidence in the laws; and appealed to them, for the punishment of the delinquents, in the ordinary course of their legal administration. In this way they wished to secure themselves and their countrymen against future man-stealing and murder. But in this course they were resisted, at every step by freemasons. A masonic judge said, "Whatever Morgan’s fate might be, he deserved it." A justice of the peace said, "What can you do? What can a rat do with a lion? – Who are your judges? Who are your sheriffs? and who will be your jurymen?" A grand jury of Niagara county composed in part of masons, who knew the reverse, officially stated, that there was no reason to believe, that Morgan had been taken through that county. The foreman of a jury in Genesee county confidentially informed one of his fellows, that their body was composed of a majority of masons, and would agree to no masonic indictments. A district judge, who presided at trials, in which by confession and full proof, the subordinate degrees of masonic guilt were established, pronounced the spirit with which private citizens exerted themselves to develop these transactions, a "blessed spirit," and hoped it would ever prevail till all the persons concerned in them exposed; BUT afterwards becoming a politician and dependent upon the influence of the fraternity, as Governor of the State, he calumniated, reprobated and endeavored to destroy the same "spirit." By these and similar means, truth has been feloniously turned out of court, and the laws have been derided, cast down, and trampled on. When Morgan was murdered, Freemasonry exulted in but a single victim; but when the laws were overthrown in the high places of authority by Freemasonry, to protect the murderers –

"O, what a fall was there, my country!
Then, I and you, and all of us fell down;
Whilst bloody treason flourish’d over us."

In court, the opposers of Freemasonry have proved to be, in comparison with the fraternity, according to the impudent sneer by the masonic magistrate, as the rat to the lion. They sought justice, in her sanctuary, with the most honorable motives, and try truth alone; but they did not find her. Instead of what they found themselves traduced, insulted and persecuted for their patriotic pains, by Freemasons, because the criminals were Freemasons, and Freemasons had sworn to relieve each other from any difficulty, right or wrong, and to keep the secrets of Freemasonry, and each other "murder and treason not excepted." Masonic lodges and chapters were concerned in these crimes. Even grand lodges and grand chapters have aided and protected the criminals. When the private citizens, who interested themselves in bringing to light masonic crimes, and in publishing them legally, after repeated trials, ascertained the impossibility of doing this, the question necessarily presented itself to their minds, whether they should give up forever all hope of establishing truth and justice, by means of law, in cases of notorious and unparalleled guilt, and of course, all hope of governmental protection of our dearest rights; or whether they should resort to some other means of effecting their objects. The same disinterested and generous spirit which first called them into action, induced them not to give up the cause. But there is only one tribunal, above the courts, to which they could peaceably apply; and that is the tribunal of public opinion. This tribunal cannot pronounce a distinct, unquestionable, and decisive opinion, except through the ballot boxes. To this, therefore, they are determined to appeal. Antimasonry is opposition to Freemasonry. It was first called up, by masonic man-stealing and murder. It was afterwards confirmed, by satisfactory revelations of masonic injunctions, which unequivocally required the man-stealing and murder. And it became political, because Freemasonry, prevented courts and juries, from administering justice, upon its members, who had committed these crimes, and there now remains no other than a political tribunal, to which criminal Freemasons can be made substantially amenable. Men never contended in a cause more purely defensive than that of Antimasonry. Among nations, a cause was never agitated of more importance.

Source: Star, August 30, 1831, page 4

Note: Captain William Morgan, Jack the Ripper’s victims, Stephen Knight, Dr. Thomas Stowell, the Sickert family, and many many others – all victims of Freemasonry’s self-serving laws.


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