Morgan’s Murderers

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Murder Of William Morgan

It will be seen (says the Lancaster Examiner, on concluding the report of the trial of Elisha Adams,) that the perseverance of antimasons has at length traced this tragedy clearly to the end of the fourth act; and probably, as "murder will out," they may be able to lift the curtain once more, and yet trace it to the close of the fifth – The legal evidence adduced, (corroborated to by the admissions of adhering masons, who are now suffering punishment for their compliance with the obligations of unlawful oaths,) places it beyond doubt that a MURDER was perpetrated BY MASONS, in conformity with masonic duty. This fact, it is scarcely possible for the most incredulous to disbelieve. The plot was hatched in the lodges; it was communicated to masons, far and near; it was sanctioned and approved by them; and it was executed by "honorable and respectable" men, various masons possessing the confidence and decorated with the honors of the Craft; and the whole proceeding was based on the principles of the order, and deemed a justifiable and necessary infliction of the penalty incurred by an unfaithful brother, for the violation of his masonic oaths. A freeman was deprived of life and liberty, by the decree of a self-constituted association which arrogates to itself the attribute to sovereignty, in the infliction of capital punishment on its unfaithful members. The transaction in all its particulars and circumstances, is as startling as it is horrible. A secret, organized, and irresponsible power exists in our land claiming and exercising the right of disposition of the life of a citizen according to its own bloody code, and in violation of the laws of the land. It DECREES A MURDER, and its influence is so great and extensive that it baffles detection and defies justice: – for years in succession it contrives to prevent an elucidation of the crime, and screens the guilty perpetrators from deserved punishment. It prevails on even highminded men to justify the deed, or to laugh at it, to deny it, to prevaricate, to perjure themselves, to stifle inquiry, to mislead pursuit, to villify those engaged in developing the mystery and to laud to the skies an Institution which is stained with human blood, and which has not cast out from its communion the convicts who are now in some degree, expiating in penitentiaries, the guilt wherein they became involved by their masonic obedience.
Let those who are indeed freemen, who owe no allegiance but to God and their country, who are not restrained by unlawful oaths from performing their public duties with a good conscience, and who are not compelled by secret ties to stand aloof when the dearest rights of man are outraged, reflect on the events in the masonic history of the last four years, and be convinced that our boasted civil institutions have been rendered nearly powerless, by the masonic conspiracy to capture and murder a freeman and to sustain the perpetrators of that atrocious crime. If our laws may at this early day be thus outraged, and the exertions of retributive justice defied and defeated by a secret combination, what kind of influence may we suppose that freemasonry would exert on the country and the government, in after years if the actors in this daring outrage should escape conviction and punishment?
Circumstances strongly point at Col. William King, (now deceased,) as one of the select few engaged in the consummation of the murder. It was to him that Adams delivered the key of the magazine; it was he who requested Adams to bring the boat to the wharf at midnight; it was in his behalf that masonic power exerted itself so singularly after he fled to the western wilds; and it was he who died so suddenly and mysteriously, after he had returned to New York and surrendered himself. The following affidivat , sworn to by one whose character as a private citizen, and as a minister of the gospel, the Vermont Republican says "is entirely above reproach," will show that masons at a distance were, as such, apprized of what was doing in New York with reference to Morgan; that the murder was announced in and to the Lodge, and that Col. KING was then and there named as one of the perpetrators of the crime. We copy the affidavit from the Middlebury (Vt.) Republican of the 16th instant, which has just and opportunely reached us.

Note: The affidavit of Perly Hall can be found in the blog category "Murder Of William Morgan" and was posted on April 21, 2009.

Source: Star, March 30, 1831, page 2


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