The New Commissioner, James Monroe

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Other Ripper Research

Commissioner of Metropolitan Police.

We give a portrait of James Monroe, the gentleman who has been appointed to succeed Sir Charles Warren as Commissioner of Metropolitan police. The gallant Warren was sacrificed to popular clamor, on account of his failure to discover that fiendish murderer of women, whose performances in the east end of London have horrified the civilized world. Mr. Monroe is fifty years of age. He entered the Indian Civil service in 1857, and has served as Magistrate and Collector, secretary to the Board of Revenue and District and Sessions Judge, before his appointment as Inspector-General of Bengal. The force under him numbered twenty thousand men, under European officers. Five years afterwards he was appointed commissioner of the presidency division. His appointment to succeed Sir Charles Warren followed his recent resignation as assistant commissioner of the criminal investigation department. While holding this office he was consulted by the home office of the British Government with regard to the proposed improvement in the organization of the metropolitan detective police staff. Great things are expected of an officer having such an experience and of marked ability. The arrest, under his direction, of Jack the Ripper would be the loftiest feather in his official cap.

Source: Carbonate Chronicle (Leadville, Lake County), January 7, 1889, page 5


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