The Exterior Of The Club

Posted: May 22, 2009 in The Chicago Whitechapel Club
In a certain sense the Whitechapel club is also a creation of the newspaper element. The grewsome character of its fittings – skulls, skeletons, hangmen’s ropes, murderous weapons and so on – is known of all men, yet noted people from various parts of the Union have been its guests, and have made merry to the rattling of bones and while seated around a coffin shaped table.
No less an authority than Colonel Elliott F. Shepard, of the New York Mail

 and Express, has partaken of Whitechapel hospitality and thereafter editorially declared that the club is "all right." So the politicians and journalists bidden to its midnight feasts may venture down the dismal alleyway called Calhoun place to the door of 173, knock and enter without fear.

                                                                                          CEPHAS DE WERDE

Source: Utica NY Sunday Tribune 1890-1892


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