Earl Of Dudley Arrested!!

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Other Ripper Research

LONDON, May 13. – The police made a raid on the Field club at two o’clock this morning and found gambling going on. Most of the players were engaged at baccarat, and large sums were being staked. Twenty-one persons were arrested, among whom were three English and several French and Belgian noblemen. The prisoners were taken to the police station and bailed in £100 each. They are to appear in court tomorrow. The police seized £5000 in the rooms of the club. A raid was also made on the Adelphi club, where a number of barristers and solicitors were gambling. All were taken to the police station, and bail was in most cases refused.
Among those arrested at the Field club were the Earl of Dudley, Lord Lurgan, Lord Paulet, and Baron Ferraro.

LONDON, May 13. – The persons arrested yesterday morning in the raids on the Field and Adelphi clubs were arraigned this morning. The Earl of Dudley and Lord Lurgan were among the prisoners arraigned. The Earl of Dudley appeared to be ashamed of the position in which he found himself, but Lord Lurgan assumed a defiant air. The police who made the arrests admitted that the peers taken into custody were not members of the Field club, but stated that they resorted thereto for the purpose of gambling. The prisoners were admitted to bail to appear for examination next week. The court room was crowded. Among the spectators were several aristocrats.

Source: Utica Weekly Herald And Gazette And Courier, Utica, N.Y., Tuesday May 14, 1889


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