Fitzroy’s Masonic Apron

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Other Ripper Research

Masonic Official Withdraws Recognition When Told Watchman Was Born in Albany – Parents Employed by Duke.

By the Associated Press.

Efforts of police and Consular authorities to identify as a member of the noble British Fitzroy family the old night watchman known as "Edward Euston," who died in squalor in Brooklyn early this week, today produced two startling results.
Robert L. Kenworthy, Grand Secretary of the Masonic Grand Lodge, who was intimately acquainted with the late Earl of Euston, whom the night watchman at first was believed to have been, visited the Morgue, where the body lay, took one look and said: –
"It’s the Earl of Euston."
But the Morgue attendant told him the body had been positively identified by Mrs. Amanda Doughty, of Red Bank, N.J., a short time before, as that of "Edward Eustace," who was born in Albany, the son of Edward Eustace and Jane Dayton Eustace – Britishers whom Mrs. Doughty declared had been employed, before they came to America, on the estate of the late Duke of Grafton, the father of the late Earl of Euston.

Identification Is Withdrawn

This, and the fact that cable dispatches from London said the late Earl had been buried there in 1912, caused Mr. Kenworthy to withdraw his statement, but he declared the dead man bore "a most astounding resemblance" to the late Earl.
The old night watchman had treasured secretly, beneath the carpet of his attic room, a photograph which appeared to be of himself but upon the back of which was pasted a newspaper clipping describing the late Earl’s young brother, who then had succeeded to the title of Earl of Euston and since has become the Duke of Grafton.
The dead man had gone under the name of Euston rather than Eustace for at least twenty-five years and apparently had been keenly interested in the affairs of the Fitzroy family.

Had Earl’s Masonic Apron.

The most mystifying angle of the case and the one which enlisted Mr. Kenworthy’s efforts to solve it, was the fact that Eustace, or Euston, had in his possession a Masonic apron which bore the name of the late Earl of Euston, Henry James Fitzroy.
The late Lord Euston had visited America several times as emissary of the late King Edward VII, to big Masonic gatherings here.
It was on one of these visits that Mr. Kenworthy met him, was in his company for several days, and even slept in the same room with him on one occasion at a convention at Saratoga.

Source: The Evening Telegram, New York, Friday July 21, 1922


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