Could “Dr. F.” Be Francis Tumblety?

Posted: July 19, 2009 in The Non-Rippers
I found this article and while reading it I couldn’t help but notice how much it sounded like Dr. Francis Tumblety.


Scotland Yard Watching the Movements of Fenians.

London, Dec. 9. – The Morning News, commenting upon the statement that detectives are guarding Mr. Asquith, the Home Secretary, Sir William Vernon Harcourt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr. John Morley, Chief Secretary for Ireland, and the alleged revival of Fenianism, records the visit to England of a well-known Irish-American extremist under the alias of Dr. F., who, while he was in this city, visited Dr. B., Jo T. and Mr. K., all of whom were active in the Fenian movement. Dr. F. also went to Liverpool and Paris to see Irish extremists. He was shadowed by detectives throughout his sojourn here and until he sailed from Havre a few days ago. The Scotland Yard authorities are fully alive to all revived Fenian movements and threats of the Irish-American organizations.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, 1894-12-10, "Dr. F. at London"


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