Earl Of Galloway On Trial

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Cleveland Street Scandal
The Earl of Galloway on Trial for Assaulting Little Girls.

Earl of Galloway’s Trial.

LONDON, Oct. 14. – The trial of the earl of Galloway, who has been indicted for a series of assaults on children of tender years, is on the docket of the sessions court that opens today at Dumfries, Scotland. He will first be tried on one indictment, which charges assault on a child of 10 years, named Gibson, the offense, it is alleged, having been committed on a country road. The lord advocate will personally conduct the prosecution, and six counsel, headed by John Blair Balfour, queen’s counsel, and ex-lord advocate, will represent the earl. It is claimed that he has a complete defense, and that politics are at the bottom of the charges.

Source: Hawarden Independent, Hawarden, Iowa, 1889-10-17, page 2

Note: The 10th Earl of Galloway was named Alan Plantagenet Stewart and the 11th Earl of Galloway was named Randolph Henry Stewart. It was either one of these two gentlemen who was on trial for assaulting little girls. Also, his excuse is quite lame – just how many 10 year old girls are interested in politics to the extent that they would "cook up" a pedophilia scandal?


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