Never Before Seen Articles

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
This article is proof that the London police did find the description of "Jack", which was given by George Hutchinson to be an important description.
Important Arrest. – "Jack The Ripper."
LONDON, Nov. 14. – The police have made what they consider an important arrest. The prisoner, an individual who has all the appearance of a well-dressed man about town, is believed to be identical with the man observed in the neighbourhood of the scenes of the murder immediately preceding the time when the deeds were committed. The police, and other people, continue to receive letters, signed "Jack the Ripper" admitting the murders, and threatening more shortly.
Source: Bay Of Plenty Times, Volume XV, Issue 2359, 16 November 1888, Page 2
This article describes that a particular piece of evidence or a clue will soon lead to the arrest of a medical man.
The Whitechapel Murders.
By Electric Telegraph – Copyright
LONDON, October 2. It is reported that a clue has been found to the Whitechapel murderer, and the arrest of a medical man is hourly expected.
October 3. – The police are still pursuing the clue to the identity of Jack the Ripper and are hopeful of final success.
Source: Fielding Star, Volume XI, Issue 46, 5 October 1889, Page 2

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