Dr. Gabe Describe’s Miller’s Court

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
The Details of the Whitechapel Tragedies Become More Horrible as They Are Exposed.
Theories of the Experts, Medical and Otherwise, upon the Last Murder Mystery.
The Chief of the London Police Becomes Disheartened and Resigns.
The London Horror.
LONDON, Nov. 12. – All London is shocked by the latest Whitechapel horror. A special cable to the New York Herald, says:
All kinds of conflicting and contradictory stories were about. The locale of these murderers’ streets, one called Hamburg and another Princes, run to a point like Seventh avenue and Broadway run together at Forty-third street. Having reference to this parallel the scene of the present murder would be as if it had occurred in a stable yard on Thirty-fifth street between those two avenues. So limited is the whole sanguinary territory that all those slaughter spots are only a gun shot from the great London hospital. Dr. Gabe of Mecklenburg square, ex-medical official, was fresh from the horrible sight in the squalid apartment, immediately off the wretched court, and which had for furniture an oil stove, two rickety chairs and a squalid bedstead, at the head of which was a piece of looking glass, such as one buys in Petticoat lane for a half penny. He said that in all his experience in dissecting rooms never had he seen such ghastliness. What could be recalled of the corpse laid, as he saw it, nearly naked on a blood engorged woolen mattress. The victim’s hair was flung upward on a pillow matted with gore, as if the murderer had there first wiped his hands and threaded his telltale fingers. The nose and ears were sliced away. The throat was cut from left to right, so that the vertebrae alone prevented a headsman-like appearance. Below the neck was an appearance such as the carcass of a sheep presents in an abattoir with ribs and backbone exposed and cleared of stomach, entrails, heart and liver. These three organs were placed carefully beside the mutilated trunk after the fashion of a butcher shop. As on the previous occasions, the uterus and ovarian adjuncts were missing. The flesh on each side of a cut on the median line was carefully folded an inch or two away from the cut. It must have been the work of perhaps a full half hour, said the physician. Rigor mortis was just beginning when the body was discovered. The poor creature, at 1 in the morning, had been by a fellow lodger heard crooning a drunken song, perhaps to the murderer. From that hour till 10:30 next morning all is as a hideous blank. Then a young man who is a neighbor knocked at the door. It was locked. Apparently the murderer, sly to the last, or with method in his madness, perhaps had taken the key, but there was a side window with a pane broken in a quarrel she had a week ago with a man with whom she had been living, but who then parted from her only to reappear this morning to tell simply of her part, and remain unsuspected. Through this little window the accidental visitant looked. His faintness, his escape, his tale, and the commotion which followed may be better imagined than described.
Previous to the post-mortem examination a photographer was set to work. The state of the atmosphere was unfortunately not favorable to good results. The photographer, however, succeeded in securing several negatives. The post-mortem examination lasted two hours and was of the most thorough character. Every indication as to the manner in which the murderer conducted his awful work was carefully noted, as well as the position of every organ and larger pieces of flesh. The surgeon’s report will be of an exhaustive character, but it will not be made public until the surgeons give their evidence at the coroner’s inquest. At 4 o’clock a cart with a tarpaulin cover was driven into Dorset street and halted opposite Miller’s court. From the cart was taken a long coffin, scratched with constant use, and taken into the death chamber, and there the remains were temporarily coffined. The news that the body was to be removed caused the people to make a determined effort to break the police cordon. The crowd was of the very humblest class. Ragged caps were doffed and slatternly looking women shed tears as the shell, covered with a ragged looking cloth, was placed in the van. The remains were taken to the Shoreditch mortuary, where they will remain until viewed by the coroner’s jury.
John McCarthy, landlord of the place, gives this interview:
"When I looked through the window the sight I saw was more ghastly even than I had prepared myself for. On the bed lay the body. A white table was covered with lumps of flesh. Soon Superintendent Arnold arrived and instructions were given to burst open the door. I at once forced it with a pick ax, and we entered. The sight looked more like the work of the devil. The poor woman had been completely disemboweled and the entrails placed on a table. It was these that I had seen when I looked through the window and took to be pieces of flesh. The woman’s nose had been cut off, and her face gashed and mutilated so that she was a sight beyond recognition. Both her breasts had been cut away and placed by the side of her liver and other organs on the table. I had heard a great deal about the Whitechapel murder, but I had never expected to see such a sight. The body was covered with blood, and also the bed. The whole scene is more than I can describe. I hope I may never see such a sight again."
"It is most extraordinary that nothing was heard by the neighbors, as there are people passing backwards and forwards at all hours of the night, but no one heard so much as a scream. A woman tells me that she heard Kelly singing "Sweet Violets" at one o’clock in the morning, so up to that time, at all events, she was alive and well. So far as I can ascertain, no one saw her take a man into the house with her that night."
Dr. Forbes Winslow says it is the work of some homicidal lunatic who has committed the other crimes in Whitechapel. The harrowing details point of this conclusion. The way in which the murder was done, and the strange state in which the body was left, is not consistent with sanity. The theory I stated some time ago has come true to the letter. This was, that the murderer had lucid intervals, and would recommence directly this state had passed away. It appears that the authorities are forgetting this theory, and that someone had been persuading them that from the fact that so long a time intervened between the murders he could not be a homicidal maniac. I desire, as personally originally responsible for the theory to flatly deny this, and state more emphatically than ever that the murderer is one and the same person, and that he is a lunatic suffering from homicidal monomania, who, during lucid intervals, is calm and forgetful of what he has been doing. Unless those in authority take the proper steps and drop the red-tapism surrounding the government office, such crimes will continue in our metropolis to the terror of London. It appears to me a burning question of the hour.
Charles Warren, Chief of the Metropolitan police today, tendered his resignation. It is understood this action is due to the severe criticisms made upon his inefficiency recently in connection with the Whitechapel murders.
Source: The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Monday November 12, 1888
Notes to remember:
– looked like the work of the "devil" (Baphomet)
– breasts were cut off and left on the table (as seen in my book)
– the victim’s hair was flung upward as if the murderer pulled her hair and yanked her head back to expose the throat
– McCarthy’s description of the "white table" is consistent with Abberline’s description of a marble-topped table
– if the photographer secured several negatives, then where, praytell, are the rest (other than the 3 known photographs of the crime scene)
– below the neck (the entire body) appeared as the carcass of a sheep after having been entirely field-dressed (as per Dr. Gabe’s description of the injuries)
– and most importantly, not a bolster to be found

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