Littlechild: The Pinkerton London Agent

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Chief Inspector John George Littlechild
Puzzle in Braganza Prince’s Part in $500,000 Bill Transaction.
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
LONDON, Jan. 14. – According to J.G. Littlechild, the Pinkerton London agent who, as recently stated in these dispatches, has been investigating the matter, the bogus Vanderbilt’s plan to negotiate acceptances of over $500,000 in bills, was nipped in the bud. However, Mr. Littlechild does not view the charge of impersonating Vanderbilt seriously, because the man in question is a colored person, and was always on view to possible discounters of bills.
The detective is rather more interested in the part that Prince Franz Josef of Braganza, who, it is alleged, accepted the bills, played in the matter. It would be interesting, he said, to learn how the Prince and the colored impersonator got together on the deal, for there is little doubt that the Prince’s signature on the bills is genuine.
Inquiries show that the so-called Fred Vanderbilt professes to be a Eurasian, although the photograph which was shown me by Mr. Littlechild seems to be that of a negro. The Emerald Mines Company, Limited, for which the money was to be raised, is a concern registered twenty-four years ago, since which date it has seen many vicissitudes, until today its offices are in a back street in Bloomsbury, with a small milk vendor as its principal officer.
Mr. Littlechild thinks the last has been heard of the matter, as the pseudo-Vanderbilt, who is well known to the London police, is always ready to take hints.
Source: The New York Times, January 15, 1910
Also, found in the New York Times is a passenger aboard the Germanic to Liverpool, named J.G. Littlechild:
Five European steam-ships – the Germanic, of the White Star Line; the Circassia, of the Anchor; the Donau, of the North German Lloyd; the Helvetia, of the National, and the Vaderland, of the Red Star Line – will sail today. Every berth in the Germanic has been taken, and that vessel will take out 160 saloon passengers – a very large list for the month of October. The Rev. Dr. Cairns, the Scotch divine, and several other clergymen who have been attending the Pan-Presbyterian Council at Philadelphia, will sail in the Circassia. John Henderson, Esq., the senior member of the house of Henderson Brothers, and his son, Mr. Richard Henderson, are also passengers on the Anchor steamer. The Baron von Tena, and the Hon. William Walter Phelps, of New Jersey, and his family, will sail in the Donau. The cabin lists are appended:
In steamship Germanic, for Liverpool. – W.R. Deutch, Washington Nathan, J.D. Armstrong, C.E. Jennings, M. Drummond, C.T. Stade, J.B. Newell, C. Zundel, W.G. Johnson, George Morris, Dr. F. Monatt, Edward Powers, William Creighton, J.D. Brebner, Mrs. E. King, Miss King, Miss E. King, Mrs. Ellen Adams, Miss Putnam, Mrs. L. Sondheim, Mrs. M. Barr, R. Redmond, Mrs. Redmond, C.L. Shand, W. Johnson, William Stephens, William Stephens, Jr., Mrs. Lillie, W.H. Kane, Mrs. Kane and two children, J. Bertle, F. Howcroft, Mrs. J. Gilroy, Master Kendell, Mr. Rathery, Henry G. Holmes, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. P. Kendall. Mr. Rothfeld, J.H. Rossback, Mrs. M.J. Hamilton, Miss Annie Stephens, T.K. Legge, R.K. Legge, James Hamilton, W.W. Churchill, Jr., L. Budill, W. Shramm, Max Illfelder, Master Max Ullman, S. Querell, W.M. Armstrong, A.B. Cruckshank, S.H. Wilson, S. Meyerheim, A. Tucker, R.C. Hooper, A. Strauss, J. Reynolds, G.W. Haskell, Hugh Farrie, W.S. Mercer, Mrs. Mercer, the Rev. Father Larvique, Gaston Manly, Abraham Lloyd, J.P. Knapp, E. Salltsman, Ashton Lee, Mrs. Little, Miss McLellen, E. Echazarreta, S. Elio, James Sullivan, Mrs. Sullivan, William M. Isaacs, Mrs. Isaacs, Alfred Woodiwiss, George Benton, Mrs. R. Perrin and child, J.W. Minturn, Mrs. Minturn, Miss S. Minturn, Mrs. K. Minturn, A. Bartlett, William Woodfield, W.K. Thorn, Jr., Edward Pierrepont, George T. Carter, T.T. Ovington, Mr. Jones, J. Pybus, Daniel Mills, Miss Mabel Sands, A. Kohn, David Harden, Francis Doherty, David H. Brown, Capt. H.E. Bridges, Mrs. Bridges, W.S. Snell, A. Romman, Alexander Shields, W. Benton, J.G. Littlechild and friend, etc…………..
Source: The New York Times, October 2, 1880


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