Dr. Tumblety And The Irish National Party

Posted: October 10, 2009 in The Non-Rippers
This article which mentions "Dr. Tumblety" was written in 1890 and states that just two years prior, 1888, Tumblety was under suspicion in New York for being connected with the Irish National Party. Interestingly, no mention is made of his supposed connection with the Whitechapel murders in London.
Such Were the Medicines Used by the Late Dr. Gloucester.
Dr. Gloucester had had many predecessors in the art of ministering to a body diseased through the medium of "yarbs,"  and prominent among them was the famous Dr. Tumblety, who, in the early sixties, had an office and laboratory on Fulton Street, near Nassau. Tumblety described himself in those days as the "Indian herb doctor," and by judicious and extensive advertising managed to make a handsome income. He believed in keeping himself constantly before the public in the literal sense of the word, and it was his custom to spend a great portion of each day in promenading up and down Fulton street accompanied by a fine grayhound. He was of a striking personal appearance and wore long hair and an immense hat. He was last heard of a couple of years ago in New York, where for a time he was under suspicion on account of his supposed connection with the advanced branch of the Irish national party.
Source: Brooklyn Eagle, Sunday, April 27, 1890, Page 12

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