Dennis Wheatley

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
In the early 1970’s, there appeared on a radio programme an interview with Reginald Hutchinson, the son of George William Topping Hutchinson. After the interview which was called "The Man Who Saw Jack," there was then an interview with author, Dennis Wheatley, who wrote a book entitled, "The Devil Rides Out." I find it quite interesting that Wheatley would appear on this radio programme right after Reginald Hutchinson was interviewed about his father, George Hutchinson, and his sighting of the Ripper suspect with the last victim, Mary Jane Kelly. Here is a short silent video of Dennis Wheatley’s book cover. The camera then pans out from the book cover to show him at work in his residence and other images of his house, town, etc…
Here is an interesting post from the Casebook: Jack the Ripper archived message boards of December 4, 2005 from a poster named Tim308:

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I don’t know how useful this is, but I found it curious that the program that Reg Hutchinson was on could not be found. Using some news database sources I found that The New York Times had an abstract base and had run an article about a show that ran as such:

6-part BBC TV series to be shown on WNEW-TV from Mar 11 through 16 (in 1974) details clues in case of Brit murderer Jack the Ripper (M).

Could this contain info concerning the mysterious interview. Could information from the interview be in this 1974 6 part series? Anybody seen it?

Somebody mentioned that a Count Dracula interview followed the JTR interview:

Dennis Wheatley was interviewed about Count Dracula and the occult in 1971 in a radio interview.


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