Dutch Ballad On Jack The Ripper

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
I found this ballad at the National Library of the Netherlands, and have translated it as best I can. I have uploaded scans of the ballad, so if my translation is not up to snuff, please correct me:

New Song Of The Murders.
Gepleegt To London.
Sung To The Tune: To Always Remember Her, Etc..
What drama the man currently hears,
 So which one is left standing at the helm,
Friends will hear about murder,
By a man committed against women,
Jack still strongly driven by blood-thirst,
Adopts language,torments, ends up killing many women’s hearts,
They fall down to the power they will go,
They die in desperate pain and sorrow.
He sometimes seems to decompose in many parts,
His weapon is a dagger,
But God allows the evil monster luck,
Though he thinks he evades the all-seeing eye,
City of London contributes many of his actions
We know him, not even a wife,
But alas, his debt is heavily laden,
Yet he has the least remorse.
O that he committed a whitlow,
A woman made entirely disregarded,
The head was separated from the body,
Both her hands become very deformed,
The viscera from the body taken,
Horrible by every eye beholds,
that must surely be one monstrous being
Because this has never been heard and so naughty,
O if the judge agrees succeed,
To get on track,
The judge will have him,
To punish him as well as he deserves,
It will sound in his ears:
You have thought there is no God,
But oh how he deceived himself,
God with his salvation draweth nigh penalty spot name.
Ah such a man can no longer be called human,
He is equivalent to the brute beast
How can a man forget himself so,
As the Jack that does not fear the sacred God,
O day for him is to break,
O God! What is that awful days,
If he still begs forgiveness of God,
He was still consolation in all his suffering and pain.
Source: Lbl Meertens 11402 [liedtekst] (Wouters/Moormann [Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam])
Rights KB/Meertens Instituut
dcx:annotation Liedregel index: Wat drama komt de mens thans ter ore Waarvan men ijst
 Bronvermelding: Uit liedblad met broncode: Lbl Meertens 11402; nummer 1.
 Meertens Instituut


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