Never Heard These Before

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Other Ripper Research
Canon Wilberforce states that in Whitechapel, within a hundred yards of where the unfortunate woman Kelly was murdered, there is an immense public-house, on which is the name of a brewer, who is a communicant and highly-esteemed Christian philanthropist! The house is a notorious resort of the most degraded of both sexes, and there the murdered woman habitually got drunk.
Source: The Twillingate Sun, Saturday, February 9, 1889, Page 2
Strange Discovery Of Knives.
Two knives contained in a sheath were discovered on the 21st October in a garden of a house in Harrington-square, Kensington. Detective-Sergt Drew submitted the weapons to Dr. Duke, who pronounced them to bear bloodstains about two months old, but whether human or animal he could not say. It was afterwards ascertained from several Indian travellers that they were Ghoorka knives of the best make, and exceedingly sharp. Notwithstanding all efforts to trace the owner, nothing has transpired to show whether they were stolen from one of the mansions in Kensington, or belonged to the Whitechapel murderer.
Source: The Twillingate Sun, Saturday, February 16, 1889, Page 1

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