Charles Grande’s Real Name Produced Here!!!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in The Non-Rippers
I have finally discovered Charles Grande’s real name – it was Carlo Sesicovich/Sesicovitch!! It also appears rather unlikely that he was Jack the Ripper; since he was missing most of the fingers of his left hand, and The Ripper was stated to have been left handed by medical experts at the time. Also, Mrs. Joseph Chapman was accidentally drugged to death. The gang of forgers meant to drug her with the intent of robbing her, but Mrs. Chapman had a heart problem, and subsequently died from the overdose.
CINCINNATI, April 28. – Last Tuesday, Detective Larry Hazen received a letter from William Pinkerton, at Dallas, Tex., requesting him to visit the man John Doe, alias "Dugan," at the County Jail, and make a minute inspection of his person, especially as to the first two fingers and thumb of his left hand. This is the accomplished forger who was operating in this city, and who, with his accomplice Marker, whom he sent to the front, was arrested in the act of trying to defraud the Commercial Bank. Hazen did as directed, being accompanied by Detectives Mead and Murray. When the three detectives entered Doe’s cell he was reading a newspaper, which, by a movement that seemed mechanical, he threw over his left hand. Larry would not have that, however, and reaching out for the hand, caught it, and found that it lacked the first two fingers, from the second joint, and a small portion of the thumb. He immediately wrote to Robert Pinkerton, at New York, giving him a full description of the prisoner. On his return from a professional trip up the road, last evening, he found the following letter awaiting him:
                                                                                                                                            NEW YORK, April 24.
Larry M. Hazen, esq.:
DEAR SIR: I am in receipt of your favor of the 22nd in regard to the man John Doe, alias "Dugan," under arrest in Cincinnati, and note that the first and second fingers of the left hand are off at the second joint, and that a little piece of the thumb of the same hand is missing. I have no doubt that Doe and Carlo Sesicovich, alias "Charles Grandy," alias "William Wallace," alias "Howard Adams," alias "John Howe," alias "The Dutchman," a noted forger, are identical. I inclose you a picture of Sesicovitch, taken in Smyrna, Turkey, when he was arrested there about four years ago with Joseph B. Chapman, alias "Little Joe," alias "Joseph Reily," alias "Joseph Randall," alias "Little Joe Randall," alias "Frederick Elliott," now under arrest in this city for obtaining $64,000 on a forged check on the Union Trust Company of this city, and John Becker for passing forged letters of credit. I inclose you a partial history of Sesicovich as taken from our records in this city, and a copy of a circular issued by Superintendent Williamson, of the Scotland-Yard detective force in London, relating to the murder of Mrs. Lydia Chapman, wife of Joseph B. Chapman. The William and Louise Wallace spoken of in this circular are Carlo Sesicovitch and his mistress. I have no doubt I will be able to find out in a few days who Frederick Marker is, and will then advise you.
                                                                                                                  Yours truly, ROBT. A PINKERTON, Superintendent.
The following is the record referred to, from the record at Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency in New York:
Carlo Sesicovich, alias "Charles Grandy," alias "Wm. Wallace," alias "Howard Adams," alias "John Howe," alias "The Dutchman." It is said this man is a Russian, and that his real name is Carlo Sesicovich. He formerly kept a saloon under Booth’s Theatre, in New York city, and is supposed to have been one of the men engaged in the burglary of the Third National Bank of Baltimore, Md., August 18, 1872, with Jos. B. Chapman, Shell Hamilton, Frank McCoy, alias "Big Frank," an English burglar named Junco, and Joseph Reily, alias "Little Joe," alias "Frederick Elliott," alias "Joseph Randall." After committing this burglary Chapman, Reily, Junco, and Sesicovich went abroad, making their headquarters in London. During 1873, Chapman, Sesicovich, Reily, and an engraver named John Becker, travelled through Europe obtaining money on forged letters of credit, in which they were very successful until they reached Smyrna, Turkey, where, in endeavoring to obtain money on forged letters of credit, they were all arrested, convicted and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in the British Consular prison at Constantinople. Sesicovich, Becker and Reily escaped, after serving about a year. They then returned to England, and Sesicovich went with his mistress to board at the residence of Mrs. John B. Chapman, the wife of their confederate, whom they had left in prison in Constantinople. Mrs. Chapman was then living at No. 46 Maude Grove, Chelsea, under the name of Mrs. Lydia Porter. One morning Mrs. Porter was found dead in her bed, and her boarders, William and Louise Wallace, had disappeared. It was supposed that they had murdered her, and on April 27, 1876, a circular was issued giving the circumstances of the case, and requesting that information be sent to Superintendent Williamson, of the Great Scotland-Yard detective force. Since Mrs. Chapman’s death it has been reported that Becker, Reily and Sesicovich had been endeavoring to obtain money from her with which to defray their expenses on a trip to Australia for the purpose of committing forgeries there; that Mrs. Chapman, who was supposed to have been possessed of considerable money and jewelry, had persistently refused to advance the money for this expedition, in consequence of which refusal on her part a scheme had been concocted between the men above named for the purpose of robbing her; that in order to rob her they had dosed her with some narcotic, her death resulting therefrom.
 Source: New York Daily Tribune, Monday, April 29, 1878
 Charles "Scratch" Becker
(Pinkerton’s, Inc.)
Joseph Chapman
(Ben McIntyre)
Lydia Chapman
(Ben McIntyre)

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