PC George Hutt?

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
I have had an extreme amount of difficulty finding George Henry Hutt’s 1881 Census data. According to a couple of Ripper researchers, before PC George Henry Hutt became a police constable for the City of London, he worked in the world of life insurance, then as a warehouseman, and served in the army. I have entered in the name "George Hutt" into the 1881 search feature and get 31 results for that search term. The only "George Hutt" who worked in life insurance is listed as 52 years of age in 1881, meaning that in 1888 this man would be 59 years old. This duo of researchers have just released a photograph of PC George Hutt, found at this link:
Does this look like a man who is 59 years old? The photo clearly depicts a young police officer. I believe that the infomation that I have unearthed discredits the claim that PC George Hutt once worked in life insurance. Here is the Census data for the accountant:
HUTT, George Head Married M 52 1829 Accountant Life Assurance (Coy)
 Clifton, Gloucestershire
HUTT, Jane E Wife Married F 53 1828
Rotherhithe, Surrey 
HUTT, Clement Son Single M 26 1855 Clerk Fire Insurance (Coy)
 Hackney, Middlesex
HUTT, Maud L Daughter Single F 17 1864 Scholar
 Hackney, Middlesex 
HUTT, Ann J Daughter Single F 15 1866 Scholar
 Hackney, Middlesex
SAULL, Sarah A Servant Widow F 37 1844 General Serv (Domestic)
 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
SAULL, Sarah E Daughter Single F 13 1868 Scholar
 Hackney, Middlesex 

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