And Now For Something Completely Interesting!!

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
I will now present my case as to why I knew that PC George Henry Hutt was not a City Police Constable. Here is the evidence – it can be found on the Black Sheep Index website at:
Name                     First             Rank                       Force                                Reason                                             Year
HUTT           GEORGE                   PC                          CITY                             CAPTURE BY                                      1886
HUTT                                          PC                          CITY 968                    GIVING EVIDENCE                                 1888 (The Correct One)
HUTT          GEORGE H                PC                          METRO MKTS             POEMS FOR ROYAL WEDDING              1893  (The Incorrect One)
As you can clearly see from above, PC George Henry Hutt was a METROPOLITAN Police Constable!! The PC Hutt that gave evidence at Eddowes’ inquest was only PC Hutt and we do not even know his first name (could be the George shown above his name); not George Henry Hutt. I know that the Metropolitan Hutt is the one that Monty has chosen as the gaoler since he wrote poems under the pseudonym of the Policeman’s Poet. Monty and Rob have located the wrong man! The gaoler would have been a City PC; not a Metropolitan PC. But then again, facts are never at the forefront of criminal minds.
FYI: As per the Black Sheep Index website, "All the names have been verified from Police Records."

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