Prince Eddy Is Ordered To Malta Due To Scandal

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Prince Albert Victor
A London despatch of March 26th says: –
"Some of the society papers have hinted at a scandal in high London society which affected directly one of the members of the royal family. Everybody here understands and talks freely about what none of the papers here have ventured to more than hint at. The story, stripped of all its improbable features, relates to Prince Albert Victor of Wales, eldest son of the Prince of Wales, who is said to be infatuated with Lady Churchill, and whose attention to her had given rise to much talk.
The young prince, who is regarded as the next English King, as everyone thinks that the Queen will outlive the Prince of Wales, is a youth of very feeble mind and the constant butt of the radical papers. He is only 23, and as such is a typical dude in his manner and dress that is known among radical writers as "collars and cuffs." The young prince has been ordered to Malta. He was detached from the Prince of Wales’ Own (Tenth Hussars) and ordered to the Sixtieth Rifles. He left last week under the guardianship of Colonel Greville and one other equerry.
This is the first time, it is said, that the heir presumptive to the throne has been sent off on a foreign duty. The young man has evidently been put through a severe course of discipline. He has been lectured by his grandmother, the Queen, and his father and mother. The malady of the young prince is regarded simply as a severe case of calf love. Lady Churchill is blamed by no one. The proof that there is not the slightest blame to be attached to Lady Churchill is shown in the very gracious reception given to her by the Queen at the last drawing-room, and be the very marked attentions which have been paid to her by the Prince and Princess of Wales. Lord Randolph has since returned to England.
A London despatch of March 28th says: –
"The reason, it is stated, why Prince Albert Victor was sent to Gibraltar was that the Prince of Wales found his son taking a great fancy to the gaieties of London society, and also that he had fallen in love with the Princess Mary of Teck, the prettiest princess in the royal family, but who was disapproved of by the Queen and by the Princess of Wales."
Source: Taranaki Herald, Volume XXXVI, Issue 7367, 10 May 1887, Page 4

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