Jack The Ripper Caught On Detective’s Camera?

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
I have never heard of this particular clue before, and can’t help but wonder just what happened to this photograph. Why was it not found in the Jack the Ripper case files at Scotland Yard?
"Jack The Ripper" Terrorizes All London By Threatening His Tenth Murder.
The Police Obtain Clues to His Identity Through the Agency of a Notorious Woman, Who Claims to Have Located the Assassin by Means of a Detective Camera.
LONDON, Nov. 2. – During the past week the excitement about Jack the Ripper has increased until it is the chief topic of London. Aristocratic members of exclusive West End clubs discuss the situation, newspaper cranks abuse the police and advance preposterous theories, and juvenile denizens of foul-smelling Whitechapel take delight in frightening to death by practical jokes the class of women with which the locality abounds.
It is known that the London police have just obtained certain clues to the identity of the Ripper through the agency of a notorious woman, who, prompted by the large rewards offered for his apprehension, has devoted herself to the task which has baffled the skill of England’s picked detectives.
This woman not only claims to have located the assassin, but avers that she has obtained a photograph of the murderer by means of a detective camera. This photograph is now in the hands of the police, who maintain the most dogged silence respecting this and all other later developments, but from the woman’s description it would appear that the notorious butcher is anything but the repulsive-looking character the public has hitherto regarded him.
The disclosures made by this woman, and recent warnings received by the police, emanating presumably from the assassin himself, have prompted the authorities to adopt extraordinary precautions. The most important are the employment as detectives of the very class of women Jack the Ripper has hitherto selected as his prey. A large number of these unfortunates have been practically engaged by the police to aid in hunting down the mysterious fiend. They have been ordered to parade the darkest and least frequented courts and alleys of Whitechapel and Spitalfields. They are guaranteed that they will be followed, and that in the event of any violence being attempted they shall receive immediate help.
As an extra precautionary measure, beats in Whitechapel and Spitalfields have been completely organized, and officers who formerly were employed on duty in the locality of the murders have been recalled to their old beats. It is argued that these men will more readily detect the presence of strangers, and recognize quicker any former suspect. Already several arrests have been made, but in each case the suspect has been set at liberty on satisfactory proofs forthcoming of his innocence. Not only have most beats been shortened, but in quiet and secluded spots likely to be frequented by the fiend for the perpetration of another deed, officers are to be parading in two or threes. Plain clothes men also parade these quarters, while others are concealed in courts and alleys frequented by low women.
The last news received from Jack the Ripper was to the effect that the writer was fully aware of the precautions that were being taken, at the same time giving them assurance of the futility of such measures. He threatens the tenth murder. It remains to be seen how far this bold challenge will be fulfilled. In the meantime half London quakes with fright.
Source: The Daily Colonist, Tuesday November 4, 1890, Page 1

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