Ghastly Murder In New York Points To Surgeon

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
More Remains Taken From the River Believed to Belong to Mutilated Body.
New York, Oct. 12. – The police department reported today that a bundle supposed to contain human entrails had been found in the East river at the foot of Dover street. The bundle was wrapped in cheese cloth and was sent to the morgue by order of the coroner. The find was wrapped in a white canvas bag two and a half feet long and sixteen inches wide. The flesh was covered with blood and with it were four small and one large piece of medicated gauze soaked with blood. A lot of what is supposed to be surgical cotton was also found in a corner of the bag.
On the inside of the bag, towards one corner, were found the letters M.A.T. The letters were an inch and a quarter in height.
There was nothing else about the bag that would lead to identification.
There seems little doubt that this new fragment is a part of the body of the woman whose left thigh was found in West Twelfth street last Sunday, but unless the head or some portion of the body bearing a scar or birthmark should be found, the police despair of unraveling the mystery. One line on which the detectives were working has come to nothing, as the parents of Mrs. Gertrude Billings, whose husband reported her missing, say they know where she is and that she is in good health.
Source: The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Thursday, October 12, 1899

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