Shocking Disclosure Of The Patrons Involved

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Cleveland Street Scandal
The West End Scandal.
LONDON, Jan. 10. – The indignation which the indecent haste of certain government officials to shield the aristocratic participants in the Cleveland street scandal aroused, has caused these persons to think twice about interfering to protect those connected with the newly discovered West End infamy, the shocking details, of which have just been brought to light. Though official anxiety for the escape of certain titled scoundrels may be as strong as ever, there has yet been manifested no disposition on the part of those in authority to hamper the action of the Scotland Yard police, who are diligently tracing the culprits with good prospects of running them down. It is possible that two members of noble houses, implicated in the latest scandal who quitted England a few days ago, were warned by persons who, had they performed their duty, should have taken them in custody instead. But the suspicion is not as yet susceptible of confirmation. The number of prominent society men implicated in the villainy laid bare today, is said to be so large that the most callous of Scotland Yard’s criminal hunters were shocked at the revelations disclosed by the list.
Source: Daily Colonist, Saturday January 11, 1890

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