The Future Foretold In 1874

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Secret Societies
The following selected passages from the recent pastoral of the Right Rev. Dr. Redwood, the Bishop of Wellington, will be interesting to Freemasons and others: –
"This hell-born foe of religion and order, aspiring to universal sway, chiefly assails Europe, the head and heart of the world. Its ultimate aim is the annihilation of Catholicity – nay, of the Christian idea – forever. Its invisible head is Satan, its visible head are the secret societies, or – as the Pope calls them in his last Encyclical – the "sects," whether Masonic or of any other name. "They form," his Holiness says, "the synagogue of Satan, which leads its troops against the Church and gives her battle." Its plan of attack is to destroy, firstly, the temporal, secondly, the spiritual power of the Pope, and thirdly, all Christianity. Its means to that effect are any whatsoever, provided they are effective – violence, cunning, fire and sword, poison and dagger; but chiefly – as being more applicable, far-reaching, and universal – they are the following: – To deceive princes and governments, and thus get the reins of power, as it now has them in Italy, Spain, Germany, and elsewhere; then to destroy the influence of the clergy by the systematic corruption of the masses, by Godless education, falsified history, immoral literature, an audacious, lying, and slanderous Press, perverted arts and sciences, and lastly by the marshalling of all religious sects adverse to Rome into one huge host against the common foe – the Roman Catholic Church.
The Catholic Church, whose object is neither science, nor art, nor industry, nor wealth, nor bodily comfort, but the salvation of souls, has incidentally done more for the promotion of them all than any other corporation. On historical evidence she claims to have founded Christian civilisation, preserved literature, encouraged arts and sciences, promoted industry in every age and clime. England is indebted to her for the foundation of our liberties and the destruction of serfdom. (Macaulay’s History, vol. I.) And the whole fabric of the British Constitution is based upon her prudence, her wisdom, and her laws. And when calumny and falsehood brand her as the deadliest foe of mankind, she – as a mother stung to the quick by foulest ingratitude – meekly and sorrowfully exclaims, "I have brought up children and exalted them, but they have despised me." (Is. 1-2.) To murder this beneficent mother is the object of the revolution. Against her it summons all its forces – infidelity, Protestantism, Caesarism, rationalism, naturalism, false politics, false science, false education. "On, on!" it cries, "against our common foe. Away with the Pope, away with the Church, away with Christianity. On, on, to the emancipation of mankind." Such is the formidable adversary which the Catholic Church has now to conquer. For she has the "promises." The gates of hell shall not prevail against her, her victory is certain. Her glorious head, Pope Pius IX, stands an immovable tower of strength against the fiercest onslaughts. Bishops, priests, and faithful march in serried ranks round their leader. Such unity is invicible. It foretells a future which will shortly amaze the world. The day and hour of its coming we know not, but we do know that we can hasten it by our prayers and good works."
Source: Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXX, Issue 5289, 6 August, 1874, Page 3
GODLESS EDUCATION: Religion and prayer has now been removed from schools, and in some cities and towns it is now illegal to teach religion to children. The Supreme Court banned school prayer in 1963 and since that time:
  • The murder rate tripled
  • Violent crime went up 544% (including school shootings)
  • Prior to 1963, divorce had been declining for 15 consecutive years. After 1963, the divorce rate more than doubled
  • Unwed birth rates 10-14 years of age shot up 553% by 1983
  • Sexually transmitted disease rates (15-19 years of age range) shot up 226% by 1975 (including HIV and AIDS)
  • The percent of children living in fatherless households increased from 6% to 40%

In an article for WorldNetDaily, Mychal Massie wrote:

Question: If God is so bad for public schools, if God is so intrusive, if the separation of church and state is as clear as some (insert lawyers and socialists) would have us believe–why did it take an atheist and a lawyer until 1962 to figure it out?
     Question: If saying the Lord’s Prayer and /or observing moments of silence is so destructive to the psyche of school children and tantamount to sanctioning religion–why does the U.S. Congress employ a taxpayer-paid chaplain, i.e., preacher, to begin every session of Congress with prayer? (Note: This has continued uninterrupted since 1777.)

Source: The Case For School Prayer


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