Freemasonry – Its Secrets

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Secret Societies
MONSIGNOR DE SEGUR has written a treatise on this subject, which it is our intention to epitomize for the instruction of our readers. It is unnecessary to state our reasons for doing this – they are obvious. Wherever it is possible we shall give the very words of the author – that is, a literal translation of his words, for the work was written originally in French, and treats principally of Freemasons as they are at present on the Continent of Europe: –
"In this pamphlet I shall not consider freemasonry in a political nor yet in a social point of view; my sole object shall be to explain its moral and religious dangers. A formidable propagandism which is daily increasing and covering, like an immense network, not only Europe, but the whole world, renders vigilance and resistance more and more necessary. There is scarcely a diocese where Freemasons are not organised. According to their last reports, they numbered more than eighty-eight millions, with nearly five thousand lodges, without counting the Occult or Inner Lodges. In France the number of Freemasons at present exceeds sixteen hundred thousand.
"In general the name explains the meaning. Here it is quite the contrary. The Freemasons are neither freemen, nor are they masons. That they are not masons it is useless to demonstrate: that they are not free is no less clear, because the basis of their society rests on secrets and mysterious initiations which may not be revealed under pain of death. With regard to the profane, the Freemasons pretend to be merely "a convivial philanthropic society, occupying themselves in eating, drinking, singing, and good fellowship." We shall see if there is nothing beneath this. If by Freemasons we must understand free mason, the veil of the Association would soon be raised. Free with what liberty? Free with regard to whom? Free to do what? We shall soon see this; and these are the terrible mysteries.
"This absurd name of Freemasons they appear to have received from Scotland. After Pope Clement V and Philip le Bel, King of France, had very justly abolished, at the commencement of the fourteenth century, the Order of the Templars, many of these infamous persons took refuge in Scotland, and there organised themselves into a secret society, vowing an implacable hatred and an eternal vengeance against Papacy and Royalty. To disguise their plots better, they affiliated themselves to a body of masons, taking their insignia and technical terms, and spread themselves soon after over all Europe. Their definite organisation seems to date from the first years of the eighteenth century. In order to blindfold the vulgar, they pretended to go back to the Temple of Solomon, the Tower of Babel, the Deluge, and even to the Terrestrial Paradise; and many of their adepts were silly enough to believe their follies.
"There is a Freemasonry before the world, and a Freemasonry behind the scenes, and the two constitute but one. A certain Brother Ragon, one of the most confidential organs of the sect, said so not long since. This Brother Ragon wrote a book, by order of the Chapter Lodge Orient de Nancy, which was officially reprinted, and called the Sacred Edition for the use of the Lodges and Masons only. The Grand Orient, in approving of his writings, proclaims that they contain pure Masonic doctrine. We shall often refer to them.
"To the Freemasonry before the world, the immense majority of Freemasons belong. Of the eight millions of adepts "there are not more than 500,000 active members." This confession slipped from the journal "Maconnique," in its number of August 1866. These five hundred thousand are the Masons in active service, the elite; still, these are not the Masons of the "Inner Lodges," the impious Masons, who know what they do, who wish deliberately to destroy Christianity, the Church and society, and who, under different names, compose what they call secret societies. These, then, are the Chiefs of the Revolution who wish, as it were, to upset the world, and substitute everywhere the rights of men for the rights and reign of God. The eight millions of men initiated into exterior Masonry, are for the most part led, and know not where they are going. They are the depot from which the recruits are chosen; like good milch cows which they milk at will; like trumpets, always sounding the praises of Masonry, developing its influence, and attracting sympathy. Behind this multitude who drink, sing and moralise, the real Masons most skilfully hide their plots. Among the exterior Freemasons there are, without doubt, honest men according to their world, with devoted and generous hearts, who would be christians if they knew anything of religion, but whom ignorance has led astray. They allow themselves to be imposed upon by the appearances of fraternity and good fellowship, and are honestly indignant when the Church denounces and brands the Masonic order. The men who predominate among the Masons on the Continent, are large and small shopkeepers, without any religion. The ambitious are also there; lawyers without briefs or conscience, self-conceited fools and revolutionists, ideologists, philanthropists according to the present day – in fine, and above all – men of pleasure, who ask nothing better than pretended moralising and saving mankind by eating, drinking, and singing. The military abound in Freemasonry, also Jews and publicans."
"Secret of the usual mode of recruiting Freemasons! This, it may well be said, is the devil’s secret. Listen, reader, and judge. "The essential point, wrote one of the occult chiefs, surnamed the "Little Tiger," is to separate a man from his family, and train him to lose the morality it teaches. The natural bent of his character leads him to eschew all domestic cares, and seek easy and forbidden pleasures. He loves the conversations of the club, and the idleness of the theatre. Lead him on, and make him of some importance in his own eyes; teach him quietly to grow tired of his daily work, and by these means, after separating him from his wife and children, after showing him, how laborious are all his duties; you excite in him a desire of a new existence. Man is born a rebel; fan this desire of rebellion into a flame, but the fire must not burst out. This is a preparation for the grand work which you have to commence. When you have infused into a few souls a disgust for family relations and religion – for one nearly always follows the other – casually let fall a few words which may excite a wish to be affiliated to the nearest lodge. This vanity of city folk and middle class men to join Freemasonry is a thing so common-place and universal that I am always lost in wonder at man’s stupidity, and I am astonished at not seeing the whole world knocking at the doors of the venerables and asking of these gentlemen the honor of being one of the workmen chosen for the reconstruction of the temple of Solomon. The unknown exercises, so powerful an influence over men, that they prepare themselves tremblingly for the phantasmagorical trials of initiation and the fraternal banquet. To find oneself a member of a lodge; to feel beyond the reach of wife and children; to be obliged to keep a secret which will never be confided to them, are, for certain natures, a pleasure and an ambition."
Another Mason, Brother Clavel, exposes well, but with no less impudent audacity, the same mode of recruiting. Here are his own words: – "Freemasonry, say to those whom you wish to enrol, is a philanthropic, progressive institution, the members of which live in a brotherhood of perfect equality. A Freemason is a citizen of the world; there is not a single place where he will not be received by brothers, without being recommended in any other way than by his title and the mysterious signs and words, adopted by the great family of the intitiated.
To bring lookers on to the point, let it be added that the society preserves a secret which is not and can never be shared by any but Freemasons. To induce men of pleasure, talk of frequent banquets, where good cheer and generous wines aid pleasure, and tighten the bonds of brotherly intimacy. To artizans and merchants say, that Freemasonry will be useful to them by extending the circle of their customers and business. Thus we have an argument for all tastes, for all vocations, for all minds, for all classes." Virtuous reader, once again, what say you?
To finish the picture we may add that, in order not to shock Christians, they deceive them with fair words and tell that Freemasonry does not exclude any religion; that there are even priests who join them. A good woman, the mother of a family, came one day to consult a priest, a friend of mine, and very seriously asked him if it were true that the Dominican Fathers were at the head of the Freemasons in France. "They torment my husband to join them," she added; "and as I opposed it with all my might, they came and told me that these good Fathers belong to the society and direct it. Is it true? These are the upright secrets of Freemason recruiting!
"The first exterior grade of Freemasonry is that of Apprentice, the second that of Fellow-craft, the third that of Master." We pass over for the present the ludicrous ceremony of initiation, and come at once to the oath taken by the apprentices. "Before taking the oath, there is yet another little ceremony." The neophyte, with eyes still bandaged, is conducted to the Altar of Oaths, while Br. Master of the Ceremonies places on his left breast the point of a compass. On the altar there is an open Bible, and on the table a glittering sword. "Arise, my brother," cries out the Venerable, "the neophyte is about to take the terrible oath." Terrible, indeed! Now all jesting ceases, and real Freemasonry begins. All present rise, draw their swords, and the postulant takes the following impious oath. This is the form used on the Continent; we shall give afterwards the English form from Carlisle.
The oath – "I swear, in the name of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, never to reveal these secrets, signs, touches, words, doctrines, or usages of Freemasonry and to keep concerning them an eternal silence. I promise and I swear to God never to betray them by pen, sign, word or gesture; never to write, lithograph, or print; never to make public anything which has been confided to me up to this moment, or that may be at any future time; and I engage to submit to the following penalties if I break my word: Let my lips be burned with a red-hot iron, let my hand be cut off, let my tongue be plucked out, let my throat be cut, and let my corpse be hung in a lodge during the admission of a new brother, to be the brand of my infidelity, and the terror of others; let it be afterwards burned, and its ashes thrown to the winds, in order that no trace of the memory of my treason may remain: So help me, God, and his Holy Gospel. Amen."
The following is the ceremonial usual in English Freemasonry: "This preparation" – we quote from Carlile’s "Manual of Freemasonry" – "consists in the candidate being divested of all money and metal, in having the right arm, left breast, and left knee bare, the right heel slip-shod; in being blindfolded, and a rope, which is technically called a cable tow, is put round the neck, with a sword pointed to the breast. In this state the steward leads the candidate to the tiler, or outer guard of the Lodge door. The tiler examines and sees the candidate properly prepared, and announces his approach by three knocks." Then after some idle questions and the mockery of a prayer, and advancing to the chair in due form – that is, "by three irregular steps" – the following order is given by the W.M.: "Then you will kneel with your left knee, keeping your right foot in the form of a square; place your right hand on this book, which is the volume of the sacred law, while, with your left, you will support one point of these compasses to your naked breast, so as not to hurt yourself, and then repeat the following obligation: –
"I, Mr. N., in the presence of the great Architect of the Universe, and of this warranted, worthy, and worshipful lodge of free and accepted Masons, regularly assembled and properly dedicated, of my own free will and accord, do hereby and herein, most solemnly and sincerely swear, that I will always hale, conceal, and never reveal any part or parts, point or points, of the secrets and mysteries of, or belonging to, free and accepted Masons in masonry, which have been, shall now, or hereafter may be, communicated to me, unless it be to a lawful brother and brothers, and not even to him or them till after due trial, strict examination, a sure information from a well-known brother that he or they are worthy of that confidence, or in a body of a just, perfect, and regular lodge of accepted Freemasons. I further solemnly promise, that I will not write these secrets, print, carve, engrave, or otherwise them delineate, or cause, or suffer them to be done so by others, if in my power to prevent it on anything movable or immovable under the canopy of heaven whereby or whereon any letter, character, or figure, or the least trace of a letter, character, or figure may become legible or intelligible to myself, or to anyone in the world, so that our secrets, acts, and hidden mysteries may improperly become known through my unworthiness. These several points I solemnly swear to observe without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind, under no less a penalty, on the violation of any of them, than to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the root, and my body buried in the sand of the sea at low water mark, or a cable’s length from the shore, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, or the more efficient punishment of being branded as a wilfully-perjured individual, void of all moral worth, and unfit to be received in this warranted lodge, or in any other warranted lodge or society of Masons, who prize honor and virtue above all the external advantages of rank and fortune: So help me God, and keep me steadfast in this my great and solemn obligation of an Entered Apprentice Freemason."
Third Degree – the Master Mason. "We are still speaking of exterior Freemasonry only. Of this the degree of Master Mason is the third and last; because the dignity of Grand Orient, and the other accessory dignities which compose the exterior Council of the Masonic Order, are not, properly speaking, degrees. A general is not advanced in rank when made Minister of War; he has merely an additional dignity and direction. There are in Freemasonry several rites and ordinances between which there is only a shade of difference. In France we rejoice in three Masonic rites – the rite of the Grand Orient of France; the Scotch rite; and the Misraim rite. Misraim is the name which cabalistic science has given in all ages to a very powerful and very wicked demon. The Misraim rite claims as its first parent the pious Cham, the accursed son of Noah. But to return to our Fellow Craft, who is burning to become a Master. The ceremonial becomes more and more solemn. The lodge itself is no longer called Lodge, but Middle Chamber. This Middle Chamber is hung in black, with death’s heads, skeleton, and cross bones embroidered in white." After much ceremony and several interrogations, a knocking is heard at the door: "It is our Fellow Craft, who presents himself barefooted, with his left arm and side also bare. From his right arm hangs majestically a square, and round his waist a cord is tied three times. Enquiries are made as to the cause, and, as all is known beforehand the affair is not very complicated. "Why does the Master of the Ceremonies come to trouble our grief?" says the Most Respectable, in a gloomy tone. "Could this Fellow-Craft be one of those miserable beings whom heaven has given over to our vengeance? Be expert, arm yourself, and see if he has been an accomplice in the crime that has been committed." This crime is the pretended death of the Architect Adoniram, murdered by three companions, whilst he was directing the works of the Temple of Solomon – in reality it is the execution of the Templars, the spiritual forefathers of the Freemasons." After examination and another series of questions, "The Most Respectable narrates to the future Master Mason the story of Adoniram’s murder by three Masons named Jubelus, Jubelos, and Jubelum. Then follows "The mysterious walk of the Master Mason, during this time the Mason who had been in the coffin escapes; when the candidate, to imitate Adoniram’s death, takes his place. Here he remains till the Most Respectable raises him to life by saying in his right ear, Mac; and in his left, Benac. He then renews the Masonic oath "to reveal nothing to inferiors, or the profane, receives the Masonic Catechism, and the sign of a master. This consists in closing the four fingers of the right hand, and placing the thumb on the stomach, while the back of the left hand is held, thumb downwards, before the eyes: this is called the sign of horror, to express the horror Masons felt on seeing the dead body of Adoniram. The initiation is now over, and the candidate is now a Master Mason."
"The High Degrees of Freemasonry. This name is given to a number of initiations independent one of the other, and which vary with both time and place. Some Masons receive them, others reject them. In no case, however, do they form part of the secret Freemasonry. These high degrees are more advanced initiations to the grand end of the conspiracy – to the soul of Masonry. This grand end is the universal destruction of all royalty and religion – the revolt of the world against God and His Christ. A portion of this horrid secret has been discovered by surprise. Vainly do half honest Masons disown it. "The End of the Order" said, in 1774, the great Lodge of Germany, should always remain its first secret; the world is not yet strong enough to bear it." Even some Masons are not, it appears, strong enough to bear it. For in the initiation to one of the high degrees of the Scotch rite, the Master of the Lodge says: "By this degree a thick wall is built up between us and the profane, and even between us and some amongst us. What you have learned today is nothing to what you will learn hereafter." "The best known of these high degrees – in all the rites together there are about a thousand degrees – are those of Philosophic Judge, Grand Commander Unknown, Elect, Ancient, Knight of St. Andrew, Knight of the Sun, of Kadosch, and of Rose Cross." "In the ceremony of initiation to the first of these degrees the legend of Adomirami’s death is stripped of its disguise, and the true meaning given. The following words are taken textually from Br. Ragon’s work Orthodoxie Maconnique. "Have not," he writes, "the degrees through which you have passed taught you to make a true application of the death of Adoniram to the tragic and fatal death of Jacques Molay, Philosophic Judge and Grand Commander of the Order? Has not your heart been roused to vengeance? and feel you not the implacable hatred which we have sworn against the three traitors on whom we must revenge the death of Jacques Molay? Here, brother, is true Masonry, such as it has been handed down to us." Practically these traitors are (1) the Pope, (2) the King, (3) the Army. "You are now," adds the M.R. "on a level with those zealous Masons who devote themselves for us to the common vengeance – carefully conceal your high destiny from the vulgar." He then gives the Philosophic Judge the token of his high office, together with the word which is to make out his peculiar work. The token is a poniard, this word is vengeance."
"The high grade of Chevalier Kadosch! I do not know why these call themselves Chevaliers Kadosch. Their initiation is seasoned with the strongest scent of blood, murder, vengeance, revolution, and impiety. When Louis Philippe Egalite (see Montjoie Histoire de la Conjuration de Louis Phillipe d’Orleans Egalite), the only Grand Orient of France who has ever been admitted to the dark secrets of "real Freemasonry was advanced to the grade of Chevalier Kadosch, they made him stretch himself on the ground like a corpse, and there renew all the oaths he had previously taken in the inferior grades. A sword was then put in his hand, and he was ordered to strike a crowned image which was placed beside a skeleton in a corner of the room. A blood-colored liquid gushed from the wound, covering the candidate and inundating the pavement. He was then ordered to cut the head off this figure, and hold it in his right hand, whilst he held the blood-stained sword in his left. All this he did. Then he was told that the bones which he saw there were those of Jacques Molay, Grand Master of the Order of Templars, and that the man whose blood he had just shed and whose bloody head he held in his hand was Philippe le Bel, King of France. It was understood that Philippe le Bel being dead nearly five hundred years, it was not to his person that the vow of vengeance was addressed, but really to his Royalty. Thus the new Kadosch, as a faithful knight, was one of the principal assassins of Louis XVI. Nearly all the regicides of the Convention were Freemasons.
"The Masonic Ritual expressly says that the newly elected Knight must revenge the condemnation of Jacques Molay, either figuratively or on the authors of the punishment – in fact, on those who should by right pay for it. "Whom do you know?" they ask him. "Two wretches," is the reply. "Name them." "Philippe le Bel and Bertrand de Goth – Pope Clement V. According to Brother Ragon, "the Sacred Author," it should not be merely a crowned figure which the Knight of Kadosch ought to strike on the day of his initiation. It is a serpent with three heads, of which the first bears a tiara, or a key, the second a crown, the third a sword, symbols of the Papacy, of Royalty, and of Military Force, which united to destroy the order of the Templars. "This three-headed serpent denotes the bad principle," remarks the same Brother Ragon, in his "Philosophical and Interpretive Course of Ancient and Modern Initiations," p. 388. The secret of the sect becomes more and more clear."
Source: New Zealand Tablet, Volume I, Issue 9, 28 June 1873, Page 6
*IMPORTANT POINT TO REMEMBER HERE: If Adoniram is the real representation of Hiram Abiff, who was murdered by three ruffians so that they could learn the true name of their God; and that the murder of Adoniram also represents the torture and execution of Jacques Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templars, in whose trial the only name of a God that was divulged was this: BAPHOMET!!!! The Freemasons are only an extension of the Templars and have adopted the same insignia, regalia and signs and grips. Then this can only mean one thing: that the God of Freemasonry is BAPHOMET!! Baphomet is the only name of a God that came out during the Templar trials.*

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