Organs Needed For Rituals?

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
It would appear that I am not the only individual who believes that the organs extracted from the Ripper’s victims were perhaps used in rituals of some kind and that the murderer exhibited surgical knowledge. This is from a newspaper dated September 24, 1888:
The Whitechapel Mystery.
LONDON, Sept. 24. – Home Secretary Matthews still suffers from the Whitechapel murders, for his lieutenants, the detectives, though turned by the hundreds into the district, have discovered nothing. The public is furious, and the press still clamor for the secretary’s dismissal. As the Telegram, a very powerful paper, leads the attack it is thought that something may come of it, and even if Matthews remains Sir Charles Warren the next in responsibility to him, will be changed to some other field of labor. Although no fresh murder has been committed for two weeks, the usually forgetful public is still tremendously excited in consequence of horrible details made known at the inquest. The fact that in each murder a certain portion of a woman’s body, always the same, was missing, and that it had been removed evidently by one skilled in surgery, proves that the murderer, whether sane or a madman, killed for some definite purpose and also proved him to be a man of education and consequently well adapted to escape police vigilance. The fact that the biggest London hospital, attended by scores of medical students, is right near the scene of the murders, has aroused suspicions very uncomfortable to the students as a body, but which the police have not in any way acted upon. The theory has been advanced that the murderer was acting in the interests of some of the numerous queer religious sects known to exist in the east end of London, the idea being that such sects might need, in its rites, some particular part of the human body. This theory, though apparently absurd, finds supporters, for any solution of the murder mystery is eagerly seized upon.
Source: The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Monday, September 24, 1888

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