Ripper News Articles

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
Murdered By A Physician.
LONDON, Sept. 22. – The doctor’s evidence at the coroner’s inquest in the matter of the Whitechapel murder yesterday gave it as his opinion that the mutilation was committed after the death of the victim by a person having an accurate anatomical knowledge, and for the purpose of obtaining possession of some of the parts which had disappeared. The cutting, if performed most hastily by a surgeon, would have occupied fifteen minutes. East-Enders are loudly complaining because the woman being poor, no adequate reward has been offered for the discovery of the criminal. The newspapers are proposing the wildest theories of the crime.
Source: The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Sunday Morning, September 23, 1888

Is It Jack the Ripper?
LONDON, July 20. – At 3:30 Saturday morning another murder of the "Jack the Ripper" class and the capture of the murderer are reported. This last crime occurred just outside Whitechapel, near London bridge. The shrieks of a woman were heard from near St. George’s building. The police caught the man as he was running away, knife in hand. It is reported the woman’s throat was cut and the body mutilated.
Source: Alton Democrat,

A man is arrested in St. Louis for attempting to murder a woman of low character after the manner of the Whitechapel ripper. He says he was ordered by God to slay the woman for her impurity. That he came from Hades, and when his mission was completed would return there.
Source: San Antonio Daily Light, Thursday January 3, 1889


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