American Murderer Charles Hutchinson

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
Miscellaneous Facts

The Author of the Whitechapel Murders

(Translated from a French paper)

A Russian newspaper and an American newspaper published almost simultaneously, the information peculiar to that after the murders in Whitechapel, searching without success that the English police, would, according to a Russian, a monomaniac, one after another citizen of the United States. Here’s what the newspaper says the Russian Novosti: The Whitechapel murderer was a Russian, he was born in Tiraspol in 1847. He was educated at the University of Odessa. From the year 1876, he became an anarchist and emigrated to Paris, where he lost his reason. His monomania was that fallen girls can be rehabilitated and go to paradise if they die murdered. He then committed several murders in Paris, was arrested and found insane, he was interned in an insane asylum. Shortly before the first murder in Whitechapel, he was released as fully recovered and left for London.

On the other hand the letters from the United States say the following, we are convinced, it seems, in Elgin, Illinois, that the elusive murderer of Whitechapel, in London, much talked about in recent months, is non other than a madman named Charles Hutchinson. The story was here that Hutchinson was interned, seven years ago, in the insane asylum of Elgin and that he possessed a wonderful skill to make all sorts of objects using a simple knife . He had a true passion to go to the slaughterhouse attached to the asylum and take the bones to make, with his knife, toys and other novelty items. Having escaped from the Elgin asylum, Hutchinson had returned some time later in Kankakee, but escaped as the last refuge of the city and went to Chicago, where he murdered an unfortunate woman and had mutilated the victims in the same way as the mysterious murderer of Whitechapel. Reinstated following Kankakee asylum, after the crime, Hutchinson escaped a third time, three or four years later, and since then it is unknown what became of him. A correspondent of the New York Herald noted in London this topic that the five murders with female victims were 7 and August 31, 7 and September 30 and November 9, that is to say starting dates that all five match the changing of the moon. Therefore, if the murderer was what is called a periodical maniac, we would have expected a new murder in the same conditions, between 27 and November 30. The Spectator has engaged in similar calculations, but fixed at 7 or December 9 as the next periodic explosion of the criminal.
Source: Journal de Geneve, December 2, 1888, Page 2
Note: This explains why the police in Chicago had stated that they could find no record of a GEORGE Hutchinson, murderer and mutilator, from Elgin, Illinois. That is because his real first name was CHARLES Hutchinson. It seems that ever since the witness, George Hutchinson, testified to having seen the suspect with the last victim, that several individuals were attempting to demonize the witness, Mr. George Hutchinson.

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