Eddowes’ Lovely Necklace

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Other Ripper Research


Written from London to Talk


The Londoners, opening the paper this morning, felt a terrible emotion on learning that the Whitechapel murderer has added two new packages to the list already too long for his crimes. This is not, one it’s two victims he has done this time, one in Berner Street, the other Mitre Square, Houndsditch. Both murders had been committed between one and two o’clock in the morning. In both cases, the victims are women, and both had their throats cut. The first corpse was discovered in Berner Street, a small street located one quarter mile from the place as the four other murders in Whitechapel. The head was almost severed from the trunk, but the body had not been mutilated. The second body was found in a corner of Mitre Square by a policeman on his rounds. The body was horribly mutilated. The abdomen had been shredded as in the case of the woman Chapman and exhibits the same appearance, so as to leave no doubt in the minds of the police officers that the author of this new murder is the man who killed Annie Chapman. The nose of the victim was almost detached from the face and the throat cut entirely. All indications are that these two crimes have been committed by the same hand, between midnight and two o’clock in the morning, two sites located one kilometer and a half from each other. The first crime committed was that of Berner Street, Whitechapel, between midnight and one o’clock in the morning because when the body was discovered, it was still warm. The victim was found at the entrance to an alley where a corner is occupied by a social club that was not vacant at the time of the crime and no one had heard anything – no dispute or fight, or cry . The murdered woman belonged to the same class as Annie Chapman, although a category somewhat less degraded. The woman in Mitre Square was discovered by a policeman between one-thirty and one forty-five, a little before half past one the policeman had’nt seen anything suspicious, and it is in a place where an agent runs every twelve minutes. The unfortunate has been murdered and mutilated by the beast who has been spreading terror in the East End in recent weeks. The details are shocking. The body was torn and a portion of the bowel was torn and twisted around the neck of the victim, as it was with Annie Chapman.


Source: Journal De Geneve, October 3, 1888, Page 2


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