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Here is another picture of Townsend House in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England

Townsend House, home of Dr. Alfred William Pearson. The doctor/surgeon also had a private medical practice inside the home.

Photo courtesy of D.C. McJonathon-Swarm

This black oak chair belonged to John Badley of Townsend and was in Townsend House until the late 19th century. It is now in the possession of his 6x great-grandson.

Photo courtesy of D.C. McJonathon-Swarm

Here is the police report pertaining to the incident which occured on October 8, 1888 in Brierley Hill. This incident, interestingly enough, occured 2 weeks after the "Dear Boss" letter arrived at the Central News Agency. In this particular letter, dated September 25, 1888, the author named "Jack The Ripper" writes "you will soon hear of me with my funny little games..", and the following incident is one of Jack’s funniest and strangest games to date.
Source: Birmingham Weekly Post, October 13, 1888
Here are all of Dr. Pearson’s handwriting samples that I have acquired throughout my research:
This signature is from May 31, 1870 when Pearson was attending Queen’s College in Birmingham
This signature is from June 1, 1870 when Pearson was attending Queen’s College in Birmingham
This signature is from October 11, 1872 when Pearson was still attending Queen’s College in Birmingham
This signature is from November 3, 1876 when Pearson sat for his final examinations for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Comparing them to the Ripper letters, I noticed the same handwriting characteristics with both his handwriting and several of the Ripper’s letters. In one letter, "Jack" boasted that no one could detect his identity because he wrote with 5 different handwritings and here we have an example of 4 of them.

Dr. Alfred W. Pearson
I thought it would be helpful for those who are not fully aware of Dr. Alfred William Pearson’s life and career if I posted up a summarized review of his qualifications, marriages, children, educational institutions, and positions held for easy reference.
* Licentiate of the Royal College Of Physicians of Edinburgh 1876
* Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 1876
* Licentiate of Midwifery Queen’s College Birmingham and Royal College Of Surgeons Edinburgh 1876
Positions Held
* Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator of the Kingswinford No.3 District of the Stourbridge Union 1884-1920
* Surgeon to the Oddfellows, Foresters, and Free Gardeners
* Private medical practice at Townsend House
* Surgeon to Police
* Surgeon to Post Office
* Medical Referee to the Prudent (Prudential), People’s Farm (Family) and Wesl (Wesleyan) Assurance Societies
* Surgeon to the 1st Staffordshire Volunteer Rifle Corps
* Surgeon to the Earl of Dudley’s, Himley and Old Park Collieries
* Surgeon to the New York Assurance Society
* Member of the British Medical Association and the Midland Medical Society
* First marriage to Elizabeth Ann Rogers 1895 Kidderminster District
* Second marriage to Wilhelmina Barclay Clark 1907 Wolverhampton District
* Stella House Alternate home between 1880-1885
* Townsend House Kingswinford 1878-1920
* Ketley House Shared practice with Dr. Parrish
Educational Institutions
* Queen’s College Birmingham
* Royal College of Surgeons Of England
* Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Medical Training
* Apprenticed to his second cousin, Dr. John Jones Parrish
* Birmingham General Hospital
Children With Elizabeth Ann Rogers
* Bernice Rogers Pearson Born July 26, 1881 in Kingswinford
* Gladys Rogers Pearson Born October 12, 1884 in Kingswinford Died November 4, 1885
* Una Christinie Rogers Pearson Born 1891 in Stourbridge Died 1980-1981 in London
*The above summary is based on factual evidence and contains no speculation whatsoever. Every point has been confirmed by either Pearson family members or upstanding institutions, such as the "Royal Society of Apothecaries" and the "Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh."

I found the following article regarding Parrish in the London Gazette:
Re JOHN JONES PARRISH, Esq., Deceased.
Pursuant to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Victoria, cap. 35, intituled "An Act to further amend the Law of Property, and to relieve Trustees."
NOTICE is hereby given, that all persons having any claims or demands upon or against the estate of John Jones Parrish, late of Wordsley, in the county of Stafford, Surgeon, deceased (who died on the 10th day of May, 1884, and whose will was proved in the District Registry at Lichfield of the Probate Division of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice on the 24th day of June, 1884, by George James Richard Hackett, of Wellington, in the county of Salop, Auctioneer, a nephew of the deceased, and John Richard Salter Elcock, of Stourbridge, in the county of Worcester, Solicitor, the executors therein named), are hereby required to send in the particulars of their claims to Mr. Thomas Partridge, of Kingswinford, in the said county of Stafford, Brick Manufacturer, on or before the 20th day of August, 1884, at the expiration of which time the said executors will distribute the whole of the assets of the said testator amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice, and the said executors will not be answerable or liable for such assets, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person of whose debt, claim, or demand they shall not then have had notice; and all persons indebted to the estate of the deceased are hereby requested to pay such debts forthwith to the said Thomas Partridge, or to us, the undersigned, on behalf of the said executors. — Dated this 18th day of July, 1884.
GOULD and ELCOCK, Stourbridge, Solicitors for the said Executors.
Source: The London Gazette, July 22, 1884, page 3345
Researching Dr. Alfred William Pearson’s second wife, Wilhelmina Barclay Clark, whom he married in Wolverhampton District in 1907, I discovered that not only was her father, David Clark a Justice of the Peace – he was also a much revered schoolmaster in Kingswinford. Here is some information on him, including a photo:
Here is Alfred William’s name found in the Surname Index (Scroll down and click on "Pearson")
I have been poring over all of the Historical Directories at the Midlands Historical Data website and have made a most remarkable discovery. Dr. Alfred William Pearson and Dr. John Jones Parrish (his second cousin), were Surgeons for the 1st Staffordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, D Company. The entry can be found on page 166 of the 1880 Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire, and can only be viewed if you purchase some voucher credits. It states:
Staffordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps (1st) D. Company, Market Hall, Kingswinford, William G. Webb, captain; Rev. Thomas Legh Claughton M.A. chaplain; John Jones Parrish & Alfred William Pearson, surgeons.
–Source: Kelly’s Directory Of Staffordshire of 1880, page 166