Manitoba Newspaper Coverage Of The Murders

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
The London Star Will See He Has Fair Play.
London, Feb. 20 – Sadler, the alleged murderer of Carroty Nell, has written a letter to the London Star claiming to be innocent and that the Police, determined to fasten on someone as a scapegoat for the Whitechapel tragedies, have apparently selected him and persistently ignore all facts tending to show his innocence. The Star has engaged counsel to defend Sadler, who is without means to defend himself, and proposes to see that no injustice is done him. The belief in Sadler’s innocence is growing.
Source: Brandon Sun Weekly, February 26, 1891, Page 2

The London police authorities claim to have the notorious murderer, "Jack the Ripper," in safe custody, confined in the lunatic asylum at Dartmoor, in which he was incarcerated a few weeks after the last Whitechapel murder. If this is true, the cause of the sudden cessation of the East-end horrors is fully explained.
Source: Portage La Prairie Weekly Review, March 15, 1894, Page 4
Note: This article contradicts the claim made in the Sun newspaper that Jack the Ripper was incarcerated in the Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum just after the last Ripper murder.

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