Posted: February 22, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
On February 12, 2010, I posted an article which included the following statement:
"The mutilation was so frightful that more than an hour was spent by the doctors in endeavoring to reconstruct the woman’s body from the pieces so as to place it in a coffin and have it photographed.
The poor woman’s fragments, put together as skilfully as possible, are lying in the Houndsditch mortuary in a scratched and dirty shell of a coffin often used before."
This statement was in reference to the murder of Mary Jane Kelly and appeared in a news article from Switzerland. The reason that this statement is so crucially important is that six or seven doctors spent more than an hour endeavoring to reconstruct the woman’s body and face in order to place it in a coffin and have it photographed. This means that there exists a photograph of the reconstructed remains of Mary Jane Kelly somewhere and I think I now understand which photograph is of Mary Jane Kelly in the scratched and dirty shell of a coffin and the photo is this one:


The Results of Mary Jane Kelly’s Surgical Reconstruction

Yellow square – gaping chest wound where chest cavity was split open to remove heart

Purple rectangle – lower rib cage

Light blue rectangle – photographic image of Prince Albert Victor resting on the inner portion of the shell (portrait, picture, painting)

This is a photograph that many believe is of Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes, but I will now explain why that is not the case:
* If you look closely at the photo, you will see that the corpse is wearing a chemise which the victim Mary Jane Kelly was found to have been wearing when she was discovered in her tiny room in Miller’s Court.
* No injuries can be found on the body of this corpse as it is clothed in a thin, light-colored chemise, yet Catherine Eddowes was reported to have been wearing dark clothes on the night of her death.
* The corpse does not appear to have breasts which accounts for the removal of Mary Jane’s breasts as per Dr. Bond’s post-mortem report. Her breasts were removed and left on the bedside table.
* If you look carefully through the chemise you can make out the corpse’s rib cage in the bottom right of the photograph (looks like a darkened area) and you can also see the gaping chest wound where Mary Jane Kelly’s breast bone was split open in order for the murderer to remove her heart.
* The corpse is not undernourished here, it is all bones which accounts for the remains found on the bed in Miller’s Court.
* The lines on the face are sutures where the reconstructed skin was grafted back onto the cut off areas of the cheeks, chin, and nose.
* The photographic image of Prince Albert Victor can be found on the right side of the picture which the corpse almost seems to be staring at even in her death pose.
* The corpse in this photo has very thick long hair and Mary Jane was noted for her thick long hair.
* Catherine Eddowes was already photographed in the mortuary in two photographs – the one in which you just see the injuries to her face, and the one in which she is propped up in an erect position against the wall. There would be no need to photograph Eddowes in a coffin or shell.
* As the Swiss article states, Mary Jane Kelly was reconstructed by a team of surgeons in order to have her photographed in the mortuary in a shell or coffin, complete with a chemise and a photograph of Prince Albert Victor so that future generations would know who was responsible for Mary Jane’s death.
In my book, "Epiphany Of The Whitechapel Murders", Karen Trenouth, 2006 (Authorhouse), I highlighted several objects in the photograph of Mary Jane Kelly with the bedside table in the background. In that photo, taken in Miller’s Court on November 9, I proved that the murderer was Prince Albert Victor by showing that a Baphomet idol and Eddie’s Order of the Garter insignia was left at the crime scene and was photographed by the police officers who were present in Miller’s Court on that day. The reason that none of these items was listed in the contents of the room is because the police were instructed to shield the identity of the murderer due to his high royalty. I think this is what Phil Carter is trying to tell us about the photograph found above – this is NOT Catherine Eddowes; it is MARY JANE KELLY! I read you loud and clear Phil, and you have my full support if this is your hypothesis.

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