The Police Disorganization After The Last Murder

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Other Ripper Research
Jack The Ripper
London, November 12.
(Translated from its original French)

The bloody mysteries of Whitechapel, still have not cleared up. Jack The Ripper has stubbornly remained incognito. Police had said they would take the murderer in flagrante delicto, and the ridiculous hope of capitalizing on opportunity, the detectives in disguise had women stationed on street corners with this ridiculous belief that the murderer, captivated by their attractions, would throw himself into their arms. Jack the Ripper began a change of tactics when he became a murderer at home, and he pushes the refinement of his crime to the limit. We can not even establish exactly when Mary Jane Kelly was killed, one does not know how she was butchered, and it is unknown if the same body which was adjusted by pieces is complete.
Today, all the girls in Whitechapel have talks with the alleged assassin, some say he is tall, others he is small, they agree on one point: he carries a small black bag in his hand, and police stop all individuals bearing this bag without which an Englishman never works. The neighbors now know that when Jane Kelly went home at midnight, she was singing a popular ballad, the Sweet Violet, and she had a companion in the first version. The second has the victim seen outside of her room at eight o’clock in the morning, until ten, she wanders the neighborhood taverns. Jack did not have a whole hour to finish his appalling work. Or she was saved by the killer, we do not doubt it. The detectives are desperate, they are inside the room, but in the corridor and in the yard there is no trace of blood.
Sir Charles Warren promised the informant, if he is an accomplice, the gracious forgiveness of the queen, but it is obvious that Jack The Ripper operates by himself, as an ordinary photographer, the promise of monetary rewards were better but the minister of the interior has not yet decided to make a decision which he regards as evil and can not bring results. The precedents give reason. La Cite, in the Whitechapel murders, offered 25,000 francs for the discovery of the culprits, and this sum did not excite attractive whistleblowers. One criticism was Sir Charles Warren to have a disorganized service of detectives and the department has been stopped at this point, but this disruption is not in reality than what the police chief made it into his personal powers of Security Directorate, which may interfere in any way to the skill of its staff. The inhabitants of Whitechapel had organized a vigilance committee whose mission it is to compensate for the inability of the police detectives and the volunteers were instructed to find the murderer that detectives could not discover, yet detective-volunteers have found nothing at all, and they have many regular detectives. For several days, these amateur detectives are walking in Whitechapel, then the metier was tired and they returned to their homes, or they never get left it. The reason is that retirement would be the lack of funds, and the vigilance committee sends a call closely so that he be given enough money to rebuild the police force particularly; we must hope that this appeal is not heard and that leaves the officers at Scotland Yard the freedom to practice their profession. Police Sir Charles Warren has not lived up to the situation, and as the famous rifle, it always comes too late. So after a fortnight, she hopes to visit the decorated, as if Jack had to wait. Instead of renewing their visit on Friday, days or has been committed the crime, they did that Sunday night, they carefully inspected the 1,200 people who sleep in homes around Miller’s Court and, it is not surprising, the game does not chase it. In my opinion the biggest mistake of the police is to believe all the nonsense it has been flooded with and his biggest mistake is to take a bear paw for a woman’s leg and that they could not distinguish a mutton kidney for a human organ. The English police affects without ceasing to be a good track, it doesn’t communicate its secrets to anyone, the system would be excellent if there were any secrets, but unfortunately they do not exist, and it would be wiser to confess powerlessness which, if present, is not very surprising.

Source: Gazette De Lausanne, November 16, 1888, Page 2
Note: We are only just beginning to understand all the secrets that the police force kept hidden. These secrets and the powerlessness to do anything about them, did exist. We are now uncovering them bit by bit.

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