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It is said that the value of the idols manufactured and exported by England for the Indian and African trade exceeds that of the Bibles, tracts, and hymn-books exported by her to those countries. She sends idols to Africa and India, cotton prints with idolatrous pictures on them to China, and opium to the same country. England is a very religious country, too; but if the devil ever ran short of brimstone, she would supply him with all he could handle, for cash down. – Buffalo Catholic Union.
Source: New Zealand Tablet, Volume XI, Issue 29, 16 November 1883, Page 5
Birmingham has many manufactures, great, useful, and curious, and among the most curious are the wares turned out for sale to the natives of Africa. These include not only arms, but idols, amulets, and even coffins. An interesting description of the industry is given in the Birmingham Daily Post.
Perhaps the oddest of the city manufactures is that of coffins for the palm-oil potentates and native chiefs in Western and South-Western Africa. They are made of solid brass, and in the majority of cases are ordered by the chiefs themselves, and used in their houses, until required for their primary purpose, much after the style that we use a costly cabinet containing treasures. Many chieftains regard the coffin with as much reverence as the Chinese. The coffins are of huge dimensions, being from seven to eight feet long, three feet in depth, and are in the widest part nearly four feet across. The lid moves on a hinge, and is always provided with at least two padlocks and keys. Sometimes the locks are fitted on the inside, which suggests that a chief may sometimes use the coffin as a bed, and lock himself in. The brass is highly burnished, and in the bright sunlight gives off a dazzling glitter, which appeals strongly to the native taste. The coffins are richly ornamented with raised ornaments, and attractively-designed rods run round the sides. The shield-plate bears emblazonings, and sometimes figures symbolical of mythology and of strange religious beliefs. The general effectiveness is enhanced by a number of swan or ostrich plumes, usually in crimson or gold, arrayed in sockets at intervals. A coffin will weigh anything up to 700lb, and, as indicated, has sufficient space for several bodies. It may be the desire of the chief that his favorite wives shall be buried with him. There is no recognised medium of currency with many of the native tribes, and trade is generally conducted by barter. The exchange usually takes the form of gold dust, elephants’ tusks, palm oil and nuts, and vegetable gum. Not long ago a Birmingham manufacturer received in payment for one of these remarkable coffins many thousands of monkey skins. They had to be realised in the London auction market.
For many generations idols for heathen worship have been manufactured in Birmingham. That they are still made is equally true, but the output is very small. So far as Birmingham and the Midlands are concerned, it is a decaying industry, and today order are seldom received for gods; or, rather, this "quaint merchandise," as makers prefer to speak of it. Twenty years ago there was a steady demand for idols of Birmingham manufacture. There are, of course, very remarkable metal figures, some of distinctly Egyptian pattern, others peculiarly grotesque, produced in Birmingham to foreign orders. But with these orders no indication is given that they are to be disposed of as objects of worship, although that may be the use to which they are ultimately applied. Egyptian gods and curios produced solely for purposes of sale to people touring in the Nile and Pyramids are made in Birmingham. In their way they are remarkable productions, because they appear to bear many evidences of wear and of antiquity. Yet they are perfectly modern. By a chemical process in casting, a "two days’ old antiquity" may be given a permanent verdigris appearance. One writer even goes so far as to assert that more "curiosities" are manufactured in the city than are ever found in their native resting place. But while vastly less business is done in Birmingham there is no gainsaying that Continental rivals are today doing a larger business in this direction than ever before. It is also an outlet for the energy of enterprising American, and quite recently a large contract was given to Philadelphia and New York houses for the manufacture of Chinese and Korean idols.
Source: Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXVII, Issue 10973, 12 June 1903, Page 6

Baphomet Worship In The 17th Century

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2. THE BAPHOMET   (Translated from Hungarian)

Now I really thought that I reached all the wishful ultimate goals. A warrior’s order came to the monastery, which now can spend my days without any problems. Food and drink was provided; things and it was easy enough: bell-ringing three times a day, the church kept clean dishes, and clothes worn for mass in stow. Throughout the day in prayerful contemplation I have to myself. Elias is also having won the knights of the Trust, it was the full name that the red-bearded warriors picked for me. Oh, I named Eliezer. While throughout Poland myself, it took a half year, so that the red monastery raised friends soon after followed by the holy week. Do not conceal your worries ABOVE Elias knight before that perchance the holy week here will be enforced with the same pious solemnity, the whole Catholic world which celebrated are used, they’ll be on very weak assistance, since the ceremonies are not taught in childhood: raised heretics, and not I’m old neophyte.

– Do not worry, fellow Eliezer – encouraged the knights – every day of the holy week, the night before tests will be next in line "Passion" apparitions, you can even learn the tasks for yourself.

I am so very comforted in this, and they were anxious to come to the Maundy Thursday, which started preparations for the night of the holy  ceremonies. Evening as the bell after the doors closed, Elias Knight that gave me a commandment, to buy a lantern in my hand, I go to church with him, he should wait until the clock strikes twelve, you will hear three toasts to the crypt. Open to all without hesitation, and then fitting the honor to receive the guests, who will be the tomb for me to come and put what they will command. I have my eyes not only squinting in this particular assignment. I was never a weak-hearted, and even something prickling curiosity to know what could be one of the guests who walk through the vault for a visit.

Point came after the midnight stroke of the triple toasts to the crypt. I hastened to reveal it, and a great surprise I saw that the tomb is lit up the stairway, and from all kinds of wear old woman walked in shapes, as fashion, only to see pictures of the church, the grand palaces. The women who had painted his face and very white, red, one black, the eyebrows were drawn, and the other míniommal, there were also one with the eyebrows was gilded. Each of their hands was a gaudy wax. They just were not ghosts, whom I had been very scared. Young blood in me, seeing that women semi-dressed quickly, even if such persons are also otherworldly. However, they noticed that the old is not old sexton to go, and they saw me more appropriate presentation. 

The first said: – I’m Jezebel, King Achab woman, whom the dogs licked up his blood on the street. Get me to the baptismal. I want to wash.

The second said: – I am Salome, daughter of Herod, who asked for a gift of John the Baptist’s head. Bring me the golden pyx. Let him serve.

The third said: – I’m Bathsheba, who because of King David sinned. Bring me the Cruets. Putty to my hair.

The fourth said: – I’m Delilah, who betrayed Samson. Bring me the victim. I want to drink.

The fifth said: – I’m Astarte, who is intrigued by the children of Israel Kanahánban. Bring me the incense. I want to be fragrant.

The sixth said: – I’m Thámár, who because of his brother Absalom, Amnont killed. Bring me the holy-holder, let’s tomb filled with tears. And in what he said, it cleared the altar, and put them in my lap. I just looked at what would happen to it. Commandment to obey everything was for the guests.

Week ago. The seventh of a high-crowned figure was golden expensive clothes, which lead to long-drawn barge. This was the back. It sounded like a struck bell.

– I’m Mylitta, Queen of Sheba, who took the treasures of King Solomon, and took him in exchange for wisdom. Bring me the monstrance. This word was shocked. Sacred vessels, equipment and leave the ceremony, but the monstrance! The artifact-infested body of the Savior, which itself is only the Pontifical knees approaching: who would dare to get the location? Considered to be the beautiful nightmare hesitation. It is a wrong with his hand on my shoulder, that the whole body pieced together, and such is said that the whole chapel was filled with sound. – What hesitating! I knew that such an otherworldly beings should not be contradictory to say, and he lifted the monstrance to the altar.

– Follow us! – Then commanded the Queen of Sheba, and he once again behind the back, the other six otherworldly footsteps of a woman of winding stairs which led up somewhere in the chapel, walked in front of me, but once in a gaudy gold-plated iron door, the procession reached. The pop-up, and a hitherto unknown to me, a large vaulted hall open to the monastery, which was not any window, but the lights were mysterious cablight in the room glory. Full of gold and silk-covered walls. And the room from the depths of a tent covered with heavy curtains from the old world all in one by one pacing knights, Turks, Romans, Persians, Chaldeans, Egyptians dressed, who had just arrived in the week she called their names. – Hail, Ahasvér!

– Baal you, Nebuchadnezzar!

– Bless Osiris, Pharaoh! Line and thus, to Herod, Pilate, who, by Nero, who Sardanapal: both counts on the knights.

You’re on the red-bearded patron was Judas Iscariot. Well, this is a nice company, I can tell. The church babies in suffering of my hand, and put in place a long table. At this point, I cried my red beard: – Málkhus! Setting to the back who he was. – Just cut off the ears of the garden of Gethsemane, that you do not hear? You know that I am the Málkhus. Well, there you hold your ears – and commanded me to the patron, whose name Iscariot was the night, and the mine Málkhus, the famous sheriff, who first raised his hand Idvezítőre. – You hold your ears, I say, because I find if I cut it, it is not the glue there Nazarene Ben Hanocri. Even though I did not know what they mean by that name. The red-bearded page you this word in front of the Grand Master, who is now heard addressed as Nebuchadnezzar. In his hair and beard a string of pearls were merged together, as the old Persian sculptures you see. It asks:  – What is the merit Málkhus that Baphomet is picked for service? Iscariot did it for me. – Heretics was atheist Latvian, robbers with wars, killed people, forged álorcás was adulterous husband and his wife, finally condemned prisoner who escaped from prison, and who at the end of every town there is a good friend: the gallows.

– This is our man!– Mumble this Nebuchadnezzar, before the dispute arose between the knights, that this just now I swore the ophiticus diagram before initiating secrets? They agreed that it is unnecessary, since I’m such a notorious villain, that wherever he is turning to the betrayal of secrets in order, the first would be my neck, which is the loop caught. Now starting to have an inkling as to why I was an unwelcome guest in this place. I then removed the frock, and dressed in Rome Liktor its quality, the first task was a niche that I had lying sarcophagus stress the kőfedelet. Kőkoporsóban those who saw it was not other than my Lord Jesus Christ, as we used to see him in the coffin of the sarcophagus taking off, his body five bleeding wounds honeycomb, thorns on the forehead. The entire wax figure was pieced. The knights then stood around the coffin, and began the discussion above, who was Jesus Christ? Latin argued that language was quite well understood.

One of the knight says that this is an old god, whose name Jaldabaoth an Aeon, a pneumatic Messiah, who was sent to the ground, that his eternal enemy, the Ophiomorphosszal battle, but when Jesus was not enough courage to order Jaldabaoth punishment tension crucified him. This was demonstrated by the Prophet Valentinus, the Gnostics. In contrast, the other knight says that Basilides of Alexandria, as evidence, and Bards confirm that the so-called Jesus Christ was non other than that, whose real name is Ben Jozua Hanocri and cross tension was very well-deserved punishment. Circled the world to me these words. If emotions were bad, but the Saints had a strong reverence for my heart. The two hands in my ear I did not hear what they say. But I’ve heard yet.

The third knight says that the whole story of Jesus Christ is nothing more than an empty tale. This figure has never existed, nor was, nor died. A symbol of the whole, a symbol, which was not his body, just like Brahma or Isis, and only the shape of a human idol, as Baal or Dagon. I thought it was already more terrible blasphemy can not be issued for the human mouth, but the fourth knight reviews convince me that there is hyperbola also superlative. It was Nebuchadnezzar himself.

This proves the Scriptures that Jesus Christ is the demiurgus, who is tormented by the laws of humanity so that everyone miserable and unhappy with, prohibits what is good for our body’s own, and the ordering of nature in spite of all persons bound by the rule that it is an act, which is beneficial for the neighbor, even though the man’s work, to make it, which is itself good, is not given to anyone else whether or not the problem.  Annálfogva everyone who Jaldabaoth, the creator understands the law, the profession that demiurgus commands defiance, and they act against everything. Fraud, robbery, murder, falsehood, mockery, lust, drunkenness, not only allowed, but a duty, and who forced slavery on the virtues of humanity, from Aeon was like demiurgus or Ben Hanocri, even Jesus Christ, solemnized and whipped. This and all agreed then, and I was horrified to see that all the presents and the mantles long, thorn-shaped needles are involved in, the coffin lying statue of Jesus over his heart had been stabbed into it.

– What was the true Messiah? – Then Nebuchadnezzar exclaimed.

The Baphomet! The Baphomet! – Shouting the whole congregation unanimously. This is a great gong which Nebuchadnezzar struck with his fist, and his voice set up in the curtains of the room behind the tent in the top. The bright future lighting from above stood a magnificent altar saw two idols, which among the better was the addition of Baphomet.

As two of the idol’s face was a male and a female, and the whole shape of half-man, half woman. Winding it through a giant snake, and this was a ring of twelve in the zodiac of twelve celestial fölvésve ticket. One was in the hands of the day, the other the moon. The two were in the earth beneath the feet. Of a crocodile resting. This was left to the statue with another idol. In the Mylitta was. A naked female figure, sitting on a boar, a brilliant crown on her head, which is full of rubies and carbuncles was loaded. The knights and ladies come one after the other to the two idols, and Baphometnek the shoulders, the knees Mylitta kissed one by one. Then he was brought in the two idol among the monstrance, and excluding from the holy wafer, we were all laughing leköpdösték large and scattered on the ground, they began to dance and walk over it, their hands around the two shall idols and around the monstrance, the women are the ones who kicked the monstrance. Towards the feet that kneeling also exposed to the appealing robe below, during a language unknown to me singing east infernal chanting. Meanwhile, I had the office to the church filling communion wine, which was prepared in large pots, and served with dancing to those who drank the Baphometic Áldomás. Salem was also great, but even more curiosity, what would happen to light of all. The big jugs empty very quickly, and this Iscariot has commanded me to go down to the cellar, and bring them back full. What is returned to the pitcher plant, even then the knights and ladies at the table and sat in a way that the Queen of Sheba sat on Nebuchadnezzar’s lap. As their hands held victim dedicated to re-fill, the Queen of Sheba said to me:

– Go, Malkhus! – Go, Malkhus! This is the very confines of the crown on my head: go down to church, get me out of the Nazarene her crown. It ran me from head to toe in cold horror. The church was a majestic altar, the statue of Our Madonna; on its head was a magnificent crown, leaning on each other pearls full of tires and loaded with diamonds, the gift of votive no later Prince. The sacred statue wandering tent holidays throughout the devout people of the region, and it was a bet cumulating the ingredients of any expensive gifts and gratitude. And I now this holy figure, take off the crown of the head, this pious relic, a wanton woman’s hideous animals disheveled locks deck it?  After all, if God is not the mother had also Nazareth Mary, but just an ordinary, honest people of the mother, even wickedness that would shame him to commit!

I hesitated – I did not want to meet the crazy things – and if not then the red-bearded patron was struck in the back of the iron so that my soul will be torn out, and shouted at me: – Did you hear the command? Go to the Galilee, woman, and tell him that the Queen of Sheba, Astarte, the Mylitta governess to the crown! Hurry up! I had to do what they said, otherwise they would kill me. I thought all the saints and plinth me cry, when I committed the sacrilege, and shepherd, great books, heaven cut my head, to hell right wave. Even the statue of Our Lady, it seemed as if the eyebrows puckered, when I take off the crown of the head, and a little crown in my hand was so hard that the earth bent under my feet, when one with him. When the winding stairs he came to the Baphomet-worship hall, you have all the demons loose in the orgy, sinful women of the past millennium, bacchant negligee, wild dancing chord the Pilatus and Herod. Astarte, as soon as he saw me, grabbed my hand to the crown of Mary, and swung it setting locks, and began with the frenetic dance of priestesses Mylitta walk by Nebuchadnezzar Phrygian dance accompanied by goat gambol; Astarte hair flying around him, stretched wide, as the wind rose in the spokes, and as fast as you spin around me seemed as though he has had two faces, as Baphomet, the idol. Nebuchadnezzar only once and then fell to the feet, and stood on his knees and hands, and began to weighing out eyes, and a miserable bogota, that I thought I was the second time it will happen to the miracle that changed ox. A bőgéséből removable, to „Malkhust” cry. The bőgéséből kivehettem that "Malkhust" shouts. Is a grass tufts are made of this to him? Want to graze? No, I just want kérőzni. The baron, if satisfied, kérőzik, man, if damn Latvian, also kérőzik. Bring the baptismal "- screaming at me. And the hideous animal beundokította the holy temple dish that I had to keep him. The outbreak after a moment he seemed to depart.

– Pull up the dishes, clean up and take back the points. The sanctuariumot set at the usual place. Put the hosts in the chalice. Then go to sleep.

Astarte waltzing and dizzy fell to the ground, and as head six Nebuchadnezzar threw his shoulder, the crown fell to the head of the Virgin Mary, and there feet. I picked it up and broke it. – You can put back into place! – Ökrendezett Nebuchadnezzar. – First drink!– Said to Astarte, a hoarse, tired voice, and a pretty extreme blistering down the side of gourd, and he odatartá in my mouth. This beautiful gourd struck gold work was richly paved with turquoise and bustard. – "This wine is made to the spoken that Noah planted kőurnája, which is my grandmother, there is the sarcophagus under Nivinében Semiramis. Drink up! " And since my reluctant, grabbed the neck of one arm, ther him on the head, then pulled one of the gourds and odaszorítva with the lips of my lips, I am drinking your own wine in his mouth. Never on the sweeter, intoxicating, firey wine is not drunk in my whole life.

– Who hit me slap in the face now? – Cried the Queen of Sheba this up, setting wild about her.

– No, I have a drink! – Odanyújtva said the bottle again.

I took it in my mouth, but the first kortynál noticed that it is not the wine you drank the first. This bitter taste and a strange smell, which összeborzasztott. I did not drink more than one sip only shown if more sipping it. Thanks, returned to the canteen, he was already enough. – Keep it! I will give you a souvenir – he said this, the pagan queen, and throw it also include the other church vessels, which, at the same time that take it away, I was forced to both the large christening feeder. He started the drunken demons antagonize the candles, and I hastened to escape from the beam caught in the temple, lest they prevented them in the dark.

I then washed three times in the temple vessels and clean water, and the seats restored, restored to the monstrance on the altar, and the crown of the Virgin Mary image I asked her forehead, but not without that kiss the hem of his robe, asking for forgiveness. The robe is a beautiful piece of work, the great Prince himself has created, and the image of the twelve apostles who was beautifully embroidered with silk and gold-colored it to silver.  – Well, where do I put this – I say to myself, looking at the canteen was a gift – that he does not steal from me? Believe it is worth if I sell a whole or a peasant more mill. But perhaps this is only a dream, and when I woke up and will no longer be in my hands? – I do that because the ear balteusom szíjára connection (I still Liktor), there can not be lost.

And so I did, because he is to relay the dream, it is not looking at where to sleep, but elámolyogtam somewhere, and I do not know how long I slept. All I know is that someone pulled my ears because when woke me, and also kicked to the corners of my pages. I was a patron of the red. – Well no, Iscariot, and then once I get up! – Mumble, half asleep. – Oh, trifurcifer! Even appoint Iscariot! Wait, then I’ll be sobering! He took a large pot of water, and it through. Indeed, until I came to this. – No, you’re kind silenus! It is also well tolerated yourself! The knight got cross. – That I have commanded you to wait for the kriptaajtóban, while guests arrive, and you confused the crypt with the cellar door: then pulled up from the tap. I did not know what world you are. – Well, my dear flask, which was subject to ax belt? But there was no longer entrust no canteen, no wine, but the old was wearing a cilice, which left me dead sexton. – No, do not dream now, but hurry to the chapel, screw the kelepelőt, the Mass begins immediately.

I was so alive before I saw everything! As soon as I entered the church through the sacristy, I found everything in its place, as the day before.

The breasts was erected in the holy bier, around candles, and I have the same image of Christ before I saw the coffin, which was the last night of the Baphomet-worshipers thorns gather. But this did not seem there was no sign of red-backed. The church was full of awful people, which fininte procession came and went, the mourning delight. Then came forth a long line of the Knight of the Order, cilice gray and bare knees towards the coffin approached the Savior, one by one and kissed the marble coffin which fölvezettek.

And I saw the night that the main man, hooked a crown on his head, which was four wrens, spat in the face of Christ is holy, and he said it was to cheat! And now, kiss his feet. People! And these others, who argued over whether he "Aeon" was whether or Jaldabaoth his son, who is backed Ophiomorphostól or "no?" Now and humiliated people approached her, beaten their breasts with fists, and when the inclangorium cheated and cheated again, they all worship the earth, and not a sigh halls people packed the church, as the master lifts the body of Christ high: the devil urged me back to elkiáltsam myself in this great silence, "Man! Christians! Do not kneel! In the cup there is a wafer, which was trampled on in the corner by Astarte when the white wings of a dove, would not the mouth.

Ez Astarte hangja. Megzendül then the organ and singing in the church, and I hear women’s voices in the "Miserere", "De Profundis" rebel song, which I forwarded to the same voices were singing last night to "come in rose, come on!" This Astarte’s voice. This Delilah! Jezebel this deep bell-ringing! You came up I saw the crypt! You went up the winding stairs one after another! – But where? – It is not anywhere in spiral. – In the place where I went up and came down to three, there’s no door, no stairs, but the order Grand Masters the dead knight Arminius the solid marble tomb is there, lying on top of the knight statue, hands, chest complex, full ornatum. Anyway, this is all a dream. Have relieved my heart from the very high burden, which is so excessively pushed. Ihattam a lot of imagination to hevülve was the fault. – So no one’s fault. So accordingly, it is not for that I took off the crown of the head of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Sheba is in your head and making the idolator’s dance profaned. When the celebration was over, and I normally come to the statue of Our Lady, the constant burning lamp, which stood in front of her feet, pour oil, as it hemisphere only immersed of admiration. The sacred crown in front of the statue’s head was the size of a peanut pearl, also a rear and a large ruby.

Always on the opposite part of the pearl used to be. Now the ruby glowed on his forehead. This crown is turned one! And so it was not a dream. But what then? That day, I say, Good Friday was a day of general jejunium. The thorn "so strictly kept the fast, even to this day a patient is lying novitiusnak death was not in the medicine, because the manna was decoctumban, and Pilula hydromat were dying, and the manna and the dish can be Hydromat already. Hunger myself all day. And as a sort of broad human conscience, is very sorry that the last great feast at night (if you do not really dream of) egynémely three thousand years before the quail have not been stuck in the leg today. But then where to stick it?  The Latvian was also there where the water bottle. As the evening, the bell instead of the Good Friday rattle finished the three verses, the red-bearded knight again waited in the sacristy of the lantern, and he said: – Well, here again today, you’ll wait for the guests of the crypt, but then again it is not the time to sleep than last night. I thought to myself: "Well I’ll be that you do not sleep." – Today before they will come.

It is also in Latvian. Hardly the clock struck eleven, I was the toast of the crypt, and as soon as I opened it, my old-world beginning beauties who are no longer needed to me presented themselves. We knew each other. Also today, handing out the same command to you yesterday, that the sacred vessels wear them. But the way we go into the wall here? It was very curious. Then, when the Queen of Sheba, click it to do is to play the altar compartment saints, the Queen said to me:

– Do not Look Back, it will take you to the devil! Do not backward looking, but as soon as I came to the sacred golden cup flat roof, he is a bright page provided to me by way of a perfect mirror. Kilestem so on, that walks up to the Jezebel, the Tomb of Arminius, a lying lovagszobornak head turns, and that whole marble sink, and then turn up the talapjával. The lost tomb, then there seems to be winding staircase at the entrance, while compiling the base of the statue is one of the initial part of the staircase before. I did not see such a thing. Then all the women.

This time, last seen in the Great Hall of the mysteries was not furnished. The tables are laden with all kinds of expensive roast, pies from the East and fruits. Good Friday evening meat! When all the orthodox, even in the Calvinist and ciberelevest eat too fast, hungry and thirsty, or turning pages of prayer, and seeking to find which of their own comfort, we repent and hunger whacked? And this great festival at the eleventh hour to begin drumming, right hearty! But what is right hearty! It was as if all the guests and farmers in the two-indeed, a thousand years, he ate and drank nothing would. – Was not persuaded them to the elevators to the wine cellar, and roasted fölszeletezni. The same scenes followed, which last night, but human assets cogitate rank.

Queen of Sheba was even more foolish than yesterday. Once he has said: Warm me this suit. Go, Malkhus, bring me to the Galilee, the mantle of her, the good will be cool. – How would you Dejanira-köntössé this robe! I say to myself, desperately. But an Iscariot six convince me that must be obeyed, and I just repeated the sacrilegious attack yesterday. When the mantle back, even then it was a great need Astarte, the boar riding druszájától simulacrum is nothing different. So that on the front of my eyes I was forced to look down. Astarte who said – Come, come, here Malkhus! –Inviting laughing. – Here is the gourd. Drink it. As I drink. I drink Baphometért to you Astarte. And he drank his first in the gourd. The same vesicular művű Golden Age was the last of which was judged. I realized I have the hang of the joke. I heard once that there are artistic flasks, tagged dual core is, one kind of drink can be filled, the other another. Then the gourd’s neck when the top man is detached it turns right, the one where the left and the other beverages will be provided. I noticed the way the bottle top juicer, the pagan queen, when you drink.  Well, then pull to the right. When you gave me here, then left. I then, almost imperceptibly, moved it back to the right again. And the really good sweet, juicy wine came out of it.I drank from it and took seriously.

– Well, do not you, it was good? – Asked the queen of lies. And I like money I paid him back. – Slightly bitter – I say. And pushed the number of fintorgást. Astarte ignores the confidence of his fingers under my nose, laughing and said: – The good unto Thee. This masculine ceiling remaining wine."Lord" did, then just drink. This will give you the bottle well. Put the other side. And all the company’s infernal laugh. – And now wear the wine,- Nebuchadnezzar commanded – and then onto the spirit Vinit! I megundokított again berated the church drágaságokat, and then brought up from the cellar at the kőkorsóban spiritus Vinit. The demons did not have enough of the intoxication of wine, brandy had them, whether they wanted more drinks.

I then thought something. The brandy in a real Russian kőkorsóban make was. It was a smart plug that has only been able to pull it, the secret of who it was who interfered. I also once learning curve. I opened the jar in the basement, emptied some of it, and then I gave it to me gourd cram for litter. With the plug shit again.

– I drank with him, Malkhus? Herod called me. Baphometic I swear that I did not drink.

– You open the pot! – Pilate commanded.  Last Achab then snatched from my hand, and that he could not get along with him, stand the silver jug to the middle of the sword hilt struck before the broken jug, and the pool was filled with its contents. Then Bathsheba to Thámár (a good housekeeper, famous biblical both!), Figs, raisins and orange peel thrown into, while Delilah-coil lit candles in a large bowl krampampulit the whole, and at the same time all other lights extinguished.

Then, when the wine spirit burning, the table of Nebuchadnezzar, the holy-swing asperges immersed in the burning wine, shared with the group of believers around the hot drink, the odatartott calixa onto what they are like infernal river of fire taken to the lips. The fire, etc Four-king, the fire sup nightmare, blue and green flag in the middle flickering Basin coroner sápasztva, a grouping indicated, which was put to shame all have seen pictures from the danse macabre. You’re the Queen of Sheba was the green lighting, damned as a naked soul, a sacred mantle of the neck, face, lips no redness, just a flashing black eyes show that he was alive. – Howling and all the hateful tone of blasphemy. Fire in the mouth, fire in the mouth.

I fled the Sanhedrin hell. Now, I was certain about it, not dreaming. I was determined to accesses from here. If these demons, devils can be so very stupid: even though they can not keep themselves from their own trap into them a poor devil like myself. After all, if drinking the litter and I made my decision, I will have a sleep in tomorrow so I do not know by whom in ceremony of Resurrection? Scapegoat slipped to idolatry, and then said to myself, reasoning: If they are human beings (because they do not like others) through the crypt I came here, the crypt catacomb something to be kept in the open, where a secret door where the woman’s animals were. That way I can escape from here. I took the lantern, I went with him to the tomb, and as to the long passes through the vault, the two lines between the carrier, which is buried here memorial was loaded, a "Ptolomeus named knight of the cist félretolva found in front of the memorial. It was not marble, but made of tin, which marble was lacquered. This car was not cist, but a narrow climbing entrance. I went up the stairs. They also led to a steep staircase going up. Seventeen steps counted. The seventeenth found – not a door, but a sacred statue. Tied to a tree was a statue of St. Sebastian, arrows diagonal as the godless Diocletian martyrs put to death by the hero.

I saw on this day is enough for a statue at the monastery, but it was outside the wall, and looking out, standing in a booth. It is certain that he knows the secret of the curfew, otherwise I would not be in here.

– Oh, St. Sebastian! – I beg it all with humility – have a look that I am Moravian on my mother’s side, you have national or got my back, and teach him how you came in here through the wall that I was the same output. Because there seemed no opening behind him. I started to look for the opening. The heroic martyr’s body is three lined arrows, the arrows they are copper. Oh what a damned reckless and would think of that tortured to death in the holy reversible the cram arrow wound? And I noticed that the three arrows, one brighter than the other two, as if it was touching. I stood up to the shelf, and tried to turn the arrows. And as the arrow gave with the finger pressure of a pen, the whole statue, together with the cab began to turn, and in a minute I saw the starry sky above. St. Sebastian together was outside the monastery walls.

– Come, Now let me back again, my dear get me back – I say, and vice versa arrow back again, returned to the catacomb entrance. So this is the secret of the walking ghosts. I went back again to the tomb, and with a degree of care, looking for something. They also found him. Namely, that the tomb sinks Arminius hung over my head, the vault aláfordulva, the statue of the dead master, which was wrapped up in his neck. What if I do locate the head, what would it do? The Latvian it, that it rose and turned again to the tomb, and when I went up the stairs to the chapel, there was already in place, out of the reach of the Baphomet idol-steps Gádor Handler’s room, as you won’t see it. Now you are well! The Christ-deniers, not only will be anaesthatized, and who knows when and when not they will wake up, but they can not come out yet of  the devil temple, with no doors, no windows, unless you break the wall somewhere. Tomorrow no one will know where you are. Whilst I was seventh country overstock myself. Decided to set itself the objective. I’m going to the Archbishop of Aachen, and impeach the Baphomet-worshiper rendlovagokat. And assertions that perfect get credibility, I carry with me the beundokított, infected temple jars. No! The devout Christian church does not drink the Salome and Delilah by clear communion baptized in the pool, which Nebuchadnezzar vomits fit not receive holy water from the asperges, which divided the rest of the főördög flaming hell – as long as they inaugurated pious hands again not devoted to, and not released to the magic. I’m taking all this in front of the archbishop, before the council, before the Holy Inquisition, to provide proof, and exorcision.

(- Although I did wisely, my son! True Christian way thing – he cried up to the Grand Duke, until the fölháborodva "thorn" has over wickedness, which the mere listens also very much the kind of people you feel that you need to give absolution — did you honestly!) (- I told you, right? – Sprang up in the Soltesz, lecsapva the judicial wand on the table. – Even it is a Church kibeszélő you that even praised it, and uttered the phrase "well done, son!") Above this then the Duke and Soltesz összekaptak so that fölugráltak chairs, and beat his fist on the table to the candlestick, skull, crucifix and stamen just danced, and even after all this day had to be interrupted in half the interrogations. The villain was gallows again one day, and just laughing to himself inside. Then the next day, when the judges again hush fölgerjedésüket, in the left pending cause continues more.

(- Where he left, Reus?) Engaged the accused. – In the sacristy, I find a great Boris, all interlaced into the temple of gold and silver, in which the unholy orgies were held , bearing in mind the crown of the Virgin Mary either.

When Isaac picked up on my shoulder, and then broken off the bottom, so it was difficult, and I could not do turns to the other shoulder, because of the known white dove. Entwined the aid of the holy statue and then got out of the wall outside the monastery. Even then only a high bastion had to descend. I found the rope ladder, with the aid of the unclean heathen women came up here, and I took advantage, and then I started to iszákba their treasures quickly trotted away to the port. (- Stop now! "- Interrupted the soltész. – Here hold and convince. And this will be the criterion that was sinful or pious act, this is what occurred? – Why did you go to the church, gather babies and go to the port where the anchoring of vessels were ready to depart, and not to the town hall, where would you find the mayor or reeve of the proposed and denounced been requested by the order perceived sacrilege and the offender, while sinful dreams were surprised, in flagranti spleen would have if it is true that it was?) (- No, villain, this cadence find him now – the Grand grumbled.) – A very simple thing to explain, my gentlemen – said the question of the ex-Tripodi reus – and if I say a word, just so they will understand everything. In the name of the city where this happened, Stettin. This town, you know, it’s time that Gustav could, in the sectarian leaders who not only did not bother with that of the Catholic monasteries, which they themselves have desecrated every time, with Baphometic worship, and hold this festival Mylitta, but what is more, they lived a very good alliance with the "thorn" by those who united with Sweden, valiantly fought against the imperial army siege, and the faithful-arms were heretics. Accusatory though there I had: I would have been wrong. So I decided to escape to a country of pious German wall whose game you can listen to, and the inquisition plenty of power will stand up and be faithful to this terrible incident deserves to be someone to launch a campaign for him. And as the sea may have the least investigated, so I tried to reach the port of Stettin. (- Habe rectum! Rectissimum! – Reviews say the Duke was in a hurry. – The Swedish heretics can not be judges in this spiritual matter. Deleted the bunsen the "sacrosanctorum growing in vertical clusters.") (- I’ll bet that the entire line engross Register is also a bitch! – Rumbling among the proposed beard. – No, but now comes the "Homicide!")

Source:  From the book, "A Notorious Adventurer Of The 17th Century" by Jokai Mor.


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Worshipers Of Devils
Some Remarkable Societies in the French Capital.

Men and Women Who Meet Together Secretly To Perform Ceremonies In His Honor – Their Mysterious Rites.

Paris Cor. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

Parisians are credulous, just because they are such unbelievers. Facts
which are now coming to light show that whatever they may think of God,
their faith in the power of the devil is undying. In the troubled
blackness of the middle ages, Satan was worshiped as the obscene and
bloody deity of witches at their awful Sabbath. Through the past 100
years of science those who worship him openly have been few and
scattered, crazy shepherds of the mountains, vile hags of the cities,
obscure would-be magicians and poisoners. But the disquieting curiosity
of the century’s end quenches its thirst for the mysterious and
terrible in the black waves that burst forth from man’s disgust with
all things hitherto known and sacred to him. Men and women, cynical in
their civilization, are beginning to contemplate themselves in these
waves of intoxicating illusion and insanity.
Three classes of
Satan-worshipers exist today. The first is the most genuine; but it is
also the one whose deluge it is hardest to find out. It is made up of
people who evidently believe, as all the world has done until now, that
the devil and his angels can be nothing but spirits of evil. These
spirits, however, they frankly seek to use for the satisfaction of
their own appetites and desires. They do not form a religious sect and
have no common center or organization, but their practices are
propagated secretly from one isolated circle to another. They meet
together to call on Satan, perform ceremonies in his honor, pray to him
for help in their plans, and unite in many ways that are dark and
tricks that are in vain, to keep on the right side of the devil.
second class, led by women who are open to the suspicion of
notoriety-hunting, professes publicly to worship Lucifer, under the
pretense that he is the true "good God" who has been dethroned for many
ages by the Jewish Jehovah. The members of this class are united into a
sect which has its chapel, with a printed prayer book and publishes a
periodical review. In Paris it professes to represent the true religion
of Freemasonry, and asserts that it forms a part of a larger
organization whose head is in London. They are chiefly interesting,
from the preposterous role which they assign to the late General Pike,
of Washington, D.C.
The third class of what common people would
still set down as Satan-worshipers, is made up of men and women who
deny the existence of a devil, or even of any spirits of all. They work
in the name of science, which so they say, has led through experiments
in hypnotism to the knowledge of an invisible nature, peopled with
elemental beings, or "mortal demons." These demons, as they say, use
hitherto unknown forces of nature, such as are shown in mesmerism and
by spiritualist mediums. They strive to propitiate these demons, and to
direct their use of these wonderful forces by a laborious and
scientific revival of ancient magic. Some of the men who have tampered
in these mysteries are not unknown to the world of science.
attention was first called to the secret meeting of downright
Satan-worshipers by a romance of J.K. Huysman’s. This disciple of Zulu,
who has gone much further than his master in realistic details, was
believed to work only from what he had seen and verified. The Canon
Doere of his romance, "Le-bas," is now known to be a real personage.
His photograph is exposed to view in one of the Paris shops, which
deals in information concerning the invisible world. He, too, professes
to make researches into "the unknown forces of nature." Under this
pretext he has gathered round him a number of young men, in whose
presence he hypnotizes young women, after a banquet in which drugs are
absorbed that disturb both mind and morals. These youths are led on,
step by step, until they join together in the most satanic orgies. Such
men as Gilbert Augustin Thierry, grandson of the historian of that
name, and Paul Adam have described the fantastic scenes of the black
mass celebrated thus at the hour of midnight. If we may believe them,
it has ended before now in the death of some of the young women who
were a part of it.
Many persons are inclined to believe that all
these mummeries have never ceased to be practiced secretly in France
since the time of the Albigenses. These are supposed to have been real
Manichaeans, holding eternal and powerful with God, the principal of
good. It has always been said that Mme. de Montespan, in order to win
back the affections of Louis XIV, even lent herself to murderous
practices of this kind, giving her own person as an altar on which the
priest of these devil worshipers sacrificed a child. A less horrible
but undoubted fact of the present day, which is constantly recurring,
will at least give an idea of what passes in reality. The whole truth
it would be difficult to tell.
This fact is the robbery of the
consecrated hosts which serve for the communion of the Catholic
faithful. It has always been essential to Satanism and black magic that
there should be an abuse of sacred things. The only delight of Satan is
supposed to be found in the contamination of something Christian, and
his worshipers, who seek only to please him that they may receive help
from him in return, are bound to profane that which is most connected
with the Christian religion. In France, this is the communion host, in
which Catholics believe the body and blood of Christ to be really
On the Tuesday after Easter of last year an old woman
waited for long hours in the Chapel of Saint George at Notre Dame. When
the crowd of visitors had ceased and the way was clear, she forced open
the tabernacle where the sacrament was kept for the service of the
sick. She succeeded in carrying away two vessels, each containing fifty
consecrated hosts. The vessels were worth too little to be a temptation
to robbery. Besides, it constantly happens in such robberies that the
sacred vessels are left behind and only the hosts are taken. More than
twenty instances were recorded in France in the same year. Nothing can
be done about it before the courts, and the bishop is usually content
with prescribing some ceremony of reparation. What becomes of these
sacred hosts? In themselves, apart from the religious value attached to
them because of their consecration, they are only so many small, round
wafers baked from unleavened dough. As Huyman’s well remarks, a genuine
free thinker would not give 25 centimes for any number of them. That
anyone should brave the charge of burglary under its most aggravated
form for the sake of getting possession of these hosts shows that some
serious motive must lie behind it. Those who profess to have made their
way into the devil-worshiping services declare that the hosts serve for
the black mass.
It is very hard to speak soberly of what is meant
nowadays by the black mass. The first impulse is divided between
horror, indignation, contempt and a sense of the ridiculous. In the
days of witchcraft the black mass was a parody of the ordinary church
service, conducted with extravagant mystery and blasphemy. It was then
the goat was placed on the altar in place of the cross; and this seems
to have given rise to the amusing stories of the billy goat in the
initiation to modern secret societies. The goat seems to have a more
serious office to perform among the Parisian devil-worshipers. Their
chief object seems to be to profane the Christian communion and then to
persuade themselves that the devil is pleased with what they have done.
For this purpose, as any skeptical person will easily believe, they
have to hypnotize themselves into a proper frame of mind. Huyemans
believes in a real devil, who sometimes actually favors them with his
visits. This we may pass over; but it is easy to understand how men and
women, heated by drugged wines and with the fumes of hashish in their
heads, and with the desire to see the devil and the intense feeling
that they are doing wrong, come to imagine that a straggling goat, amid
the faint and mysterious lights upon the altar, is Satan in person,
grasping at the communion hosts and showing his delight at their
profane ceremonies. This would be the ordinary phenomenon of
auto-suggestion, and even those who believe in a personal devil would
rather accept this explanation than any supposed intervention of the
supernatural. It is positively certain that even material machines are
made in Paris to help on the sensual impressions sought by these crazed
devil-worshipers in their orgies.
A curious counterpart of these impious practices is found in something which is perfectly well known and which came before the courts two years ago. This is a religion, with equally extravagant ceremonies, founded to oppose the Satan-worshippers. It was begun by a certain Vintras, who was the foreman in a paper factory, when on the 6th of August, 1839, the Archangel Michael informed him that the spirit of Elias, the prophet, had come down into his soul and that he was to prepare for the coming of the Holy Ghost. His chief work was to give battle to those who practice black magic. At this time, the phenomena of spiritualist mediums were unknown, but mesmerism had long been commonly practiced. It is probable, also, that Vintras got many of his crazy ideas from just such meeting of devil-worshipers as are now known to take place in Paris. After a few years he had several chapels under his direction in Paris and Lyons. He fixed himself in the latter city at a place which he called Carmel. In the course of years men of some note gathered around him, among whom two were named his priests. One was a rich manufacturer of church vestments, who was still living and was interviewed by Huysmans two years ago. The other was no less a personage than the last duke of Parma. The royal family of Bourbon, however, did not get on well with the new prophet, who took the part of Naundorff, the pretended lost Dauphin. This was sufficient to bring him into notice, and he was condemned by the pope and fined and imprisoned by the French courts. He had three doctrines – the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, the existence of our souls as angels before this mortal life, and the temporary duration of hell. When he died, an ex-abbe, who pretended to have been confined in a dungeon of the Inquisition at Rome, took his place under pretext that he was John the Baptist, just as Vintras had been Elias. He set up his career in life on his having received the sacred order as "exorcist," or driver out of devils, when he was in a Bishop’s seminary. Until his death in 1893 his chief occupation was the counter-conjuring of spells cast against him and others by the black magic of the Parisian devil-worshipers.
This abbe Boullan, who called himself Dr. Johannes, was much patronized by rich ladies, and even by men whose word would count for much at the Bourse. Huymans, Jules Bois, who has written of "The Litttle Religions of Paris" and "Satanism and Magic," and the painter Lauzet were admitted shortly before his death to see the Doctor’s conflicts with the disciples of Satan. He was a little old man, with a jaw of a wolf, and haggard wandering eyes. Wrapped in a long robe of red cashmere, tied with a blue girdle, he wore over his shoulders a sort of mantle cut so as to form a large black cross, head downward on the breast. With feet and heart bare he stood at a little altar to offer up "the sacrifices of glory and Melchezidae." This was an imitation of the mass or communion services, in which he said "the union of the feminine rite with the masculine, of the red wine with the white, according to the law rediscovered by Pasteur creates a victorious ferment, by means of which impious altars are overthrown and satanic priests struck dead." At the side of the exorcist was always found a Mme. Thibault, who was the "seer" to give him notice of the doings of his enemies. On this occasion the Doctor had known for three days that the Satanists of Paris were beginning a new war against him.
"Mme. Thibault, what are those workers of iniquity doing?"
"Father, they are putting your portrait into a coffin."
"The law of the countersign and the return shock shall punish them."
The countersign in the reversal of a spell, by turning it against its author, and it produces the "return shock." He gave orders that a declaration of war on his own part should be placed in a similar coffin and be installed in the attic.
"Mme. Thibault, what are those men of wickedness doing now?"
"Father, they are saying a black mass against you."
With a bound he was at his altar and began his counter-ceremonies. Birds of evil look, which Jules Bois avers were flying around the roof as he entered, cried out hoarsely together. One day Lauzet, the painter, heard sounds of invisible blows. Suddenly the forehead of Boullan reddened and swelled and he fainted away. When they opened his robe at the neck his breast was one bleeding wound. He had begun his counter-spells too late. Another time Huysmans saw him curing possessed persons and even animals, taking away stomach swellings with a gesture of his hand, and with salt and a candle preventing a silk weaver’s thread from breaking at the loom. In the time of the empire he had been shut up for trying to persuade people that he had conversations with the Virgin Mary, which the courts declared to be impossible. On the eve of his sudden death, two years ago, he said, "We speak what is known to us by personal experience." A woman in the environs of Paris now celebrates his sacrifice of glory and Melchesidec.
Making all allowance for the part taken by charlatans and impostors in these meetings for devil-worship, or the opposite, there is one portentous fact that remains. Men and women, educated in all the wisdom of our century, meddle with the most dangerous experiments of narcotics and hypnotism with the idea of getting what they want from a real devil. In this way they draw near to our third class of devil-worshipers who wish to restore magic as a branch of science. Huysmans, whose honesty is undoubted, has too violent a belief in diabolical manifestations to make us accept all of the wonderful things which he tells of these devil-worshipers proper. If their doings could come to light, they would certainly be as interesting as the phenomena of mediums or modern magic.
The Luciferians, who profess openly to worship Satan, in an organized religious sect, are headed in Paris by two women. Sophia Walder and Diana Vaughan. The latter is an Englishwoman, and among her male assistants are names like Chambers and Mackey. On their letter heads they have the following mysterious indications:

(The Triangle)
New Reform

Sovereign Grand-Mastership of France, Switzerland, Belgium, under the immediate obedience of Supreme Dogmatic Directory of Charleston.
In the central valley, under the eye of D.L. (Deity Lucifer),
In the bosom of our Holy Mother Lodge of the Lotus,
Orient of Paris, 2 February, 000698.

A curious part is assigned to the late General Pike in this strange religion. Dr. Bataille, one of the initiated, says that the religion, which he calls Palladism, has its supreme directory in Charleston, its Executive Committee in Rome, and its administration in Berlin. To belong to it, the thirty-third degree of Freemasonry with the ring is of no use whatsoever. One must be affiliated to the special rite of Memphis and become a Knight Kadosch. Such, he says, are the great inspectors general, like Cornelius Herz and the financier Bleichrosder. "Palladism uses anarchy to destroy present society and build up on its ruins the worship of the one whom it calls "the Good God." It has its Pope (the first was Albert Pike), its sacred city, Charleston), its vatican and its high councils of cardinals, to whom Lucifer appears in solemn ritual. In Paris, where they are not yet very strong, the Luciferians possess two temples (one is in Montmartre, not far from the gigantic new Church of the Sacred Heart; the other is in the Faubourg St. Germain, close to the archbishop’s palace). There the "white mass" is said. On Friday, at 3 o’clock, Lucifer shows himself in Charleston and manifests his presence also in the other centers, except in Rome."
." They have drawn to their services some of the younger literary men, like Francois de Nion, who had already tried some time before to restore the worship of Dr. Bataille, of whose credibility the reader may judge for himself,
adds that "Lucifer wrote a book in green ink and signed it and gave the
manuscript to Albert Pike, and that this is now kept in the triangular
altar of Charleston. On this altar is placed the true image of the
deity Lucifer, that Baphomet of which so much was said in the trial of
the Templars of the middle ages. It is in the form of an androgynous
goat, which seems to crop up in all these satanic ceremonies, probably
by opposition to the Christian emblem of the Lamb of God. The
Luciferians in Paris have published a little book of prayers, which
sound like the contents of any prayer book, except that they are
addressed to Lucifer, and Diana Vaughan publishes intermittently a
religious review, called the "PalladiumBacchus. Since the death of General Pike, they claim as their pontiff Adriano Lemmi, who is acknowledged grand orient in Rome. Whether he recognizes them as his genuine children, I am unable to say.

These Luciferians despise the devil-worshipers of the first class, who recognize Satan as the spirit of evil, and abhor the occultists or magicians who do not believe in Satan at all.
The latter form the third and most serious class of meddlers with the invisible world. They act purely and solely in the name of science. They deny the existence of any devil, properly so-called, and, indeed of anything supernatural. But they openly attempt to revive magic, and end with an evocation of elemental beings which resemble nothing so much as St. Paul’s "spirits of the powers of the air." They are made up of educated persons, who think they have found scientific possibilities in the old-time magic. At the head of this class is the voluminous writer, "Papus," which is the mystic name of a very real young physician, Dr. Gerard Encausse. From his portrait, which was hang in this year’s salon of the Champs de Mare, he appears a handsome and intelligent man, in the prime of life, but not averse to posing with an air of mystery. He has been for several years at the head of Dr. Luy’s laboratory of hypnotism and nervous experiments. He is surrounded by a number of enthusiasts, men and women, who have a meeting place and a public shop of their publications open to every one, on the Rue de Trevise. If they use the word occultism it does not mean that they shroud themselves in mystery, but simply that they are engaged in studying occult or hitherto hidden things. They start on the principle that there are certain living forces in nature, midway between matter and mind, which we are but dimly beginning to know. In 1802, at the Salpetriere, Dr. Luys, by means of a magnetized iron wreath, transported the sensations of one patient into the organism of another. The latter, having the wreath on her head, repeated at once and as if they were her own, all the nervous attacks of the former, who was out of her sight. This transference of nervous vibrations was taken up by Lieutenant Colonel de Rochas, of the Ecole Polytechnique. Certain effects which he has produced are quite like the diabolical spells of the middle ages. Thus, under certain conditions of distance,  he transfers the sensibility of a patient to a wax statuette or a glass of water, or to a photographic plate. If one of the latter substances is influenced in any way, the patient receives a sensation as intense as if the action had been performed on his (or, commonly, her) own person. The patient is supposed to be entirely ignorant of what is being done, the operator standing behind his back or behind a screen, or even in the next room. If these things are admitted as scientific facts, we have undoubtedly been led by science very near to the sorcery of other days.
It is known that Charcot himself was very much impressed by some of his experiences with hysterical patients. There were revelations of future events which he said he could explain only by the hypothesis that mind, under certain conditions, is freed from the bonds of time and wanders at will through eternity, backwards and forwards. In otherwords, he admitted the existence of veritable seers. Dr. Charles Hichet has vouched for the levitation (unassisted rise of the body in mid-air) of Ensapia, an Italian medium of Milan, and declares himself incapable of explaining by present science certain other phenomena of spiritualism. He is especially strong in asserting that the influence of the brain can be exerted at a distance. Dr. Paul Gibler, who, I believe, is a nephew of M. Pasteur, was favourably known for his daring analysis of such phenomena before he left Paris to take charge of the Pasteur Institute, in New York. They do not go, however, much beyond the phenomena of hypnotism, of which the world is passably weary and which Charcot – not fore-seeing Svengali – advised should be let alone for ten years. Perhaps the most startling exception is a chance experiment of Colonel de Rochas, who once "exteriorised into a glass of water. Heedlessly, before waking up the person, he threw the glass of water into the fire, when the poor patient went through a most formidable nervous crisis.
The way from hypnotism to magic has been easy. Papus says that just as man can tame animals, so his will can act of the unknown beings – the elemental spirits, which direct these mysterious forces. The action of the magician on them is like that of the hypnotizer on the nervous cells. They are not responsible, but act as directed. If the operator is incautious or ignorant, he may meet with a terrible recoil on himself, like the old sorcerers who were often killed by their familiar devils. These elemental spirits animate all portions of substance around them. Sometimes they appear like a multitude of eyes fixed on the individual who is directing them, or like little light points, phosphorescent and obedient to his word. When he is yet more in communion with this dark side of nature, they become to him like strange animals unknown to earth, or like combinations of animals and men. Here we see that Papus draws dangerously near to the practices of those who frankly call down the devil to their existence – to call up spirits from the vastly deep. Heretofore the important question has always been, "But will they come?" Papus says he has seen them, like eyes fixed on the individual who is directing them, like strange animals unknown to the earth, or like combinations of animals and men. Others have seen such sights in many a bar-room in America, Germany, England and France, and from many a padded cell, with doctors standing by with breath bottles in their hands. Perhaps it remains also to be seen, therefore, if all the bugs and rats and snakes of alcoholic excesses have not a real existence outside of the imagination of the patient.

Source: Rochester Democrat And Chronicle, Sunday, August 25, 1895


Real Temple Of Baphomet

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Here is secret film footage of a coven temple in Manchester which is dedicated to the worship of Baphomet and The Eternal Goddess (Images may be shocking to some.)

Well, I’ll Be!!

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X.Y.Z.R.S.T.W.V. aka B.A.P.H.O.M.E.T. (Prince Of Darkness)
How fortuitous that I have been researching old newspapers, since I have made this discovery. It is a notice for upcoming Masonic events. One only needs to read the following to understand the nature of Freemasonry – secret codes, ciphers and inside jokes, and all at our expense:

Those who keep a watchful eye on Main street tomorrow between the hours of high-noon and 1 P.M., will have a chance to see, perhaps for the first time in their lives, his Imperial Majesty, the Masonic Goat, X. Y. Z. R. S. T. W. V., as he departs from his old stand in the Union Hall block for his new home in the Temple.
Source: Northern Tribune, Gouverneur, N.Y., Wednesday February 28, 1894
Now, you may be asking yourselves what all those letters mean, and I can assure you that this notice is not for auditions of "Sesame Street." This is a code known as the Qabalah. The Qabalah was used by the Knights Templars in order to protect the secrecy of their knowledge. The 8 letters above, in Qabalah, add up to 1062. Other phrases with the same total of 1062 are: Prince of Darkness and The Illuminator.

X = 144
Y = 150
Z = 156
R = 108
S = 114
T = 120
W = 138
V = 132
   = 1062

The Qabalah calculator can be found at this link – try it out:

Recently, Masonic Info asked the following question to me on their website, "What does Baphomet have to do with Freemasonry?" Well, I have provided the answer numerous times, and particularly in the past 2 days. Baphomet is the God of Witchcraft and Freemasonry. Full stop.

Masonic Goat 2

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Masonic Column
Freemasonry Exposed.
I have joined the Masonic Fraternity. Mr Editor, I’m a free and accepted son or brother, or whatever it is, of that ancient and mysterious organization. I have belonged to many secret societies in my time. I have been an Orangeman, and a Son of Temperance, and a Fenian, and if I remember aright, I once belonged to a gang of coiners; but this Masonic arrangement, this institution of the compass and sqare, distances them all. I had often wondered what sort of a thing a Mason was – in what respect it differed from an ordinary human being. Time and again I have pumped persons who I thought knew what was what, with a view of finding out something regarding these remarkable men, but it was no go. Mum was the word. Those who could tell wouldn’t, and those who would couldn’t; for further information I was advised to go and find out. I had a vague idea of my own, that a Mason was a sort of a supernatural being, a regular ring tailed roarer, with horns and hoofs to match, who could come down the chimney or get in the keyhole, and disappear like a flash of lightning – a chap that could knock blazes out of a fellow with a wink of his eye, and of whom the very devil himself was afraid.
There is one singular thing connected with Masonry of which you are perhaps now aware, and that is, a Mason never dies. Occasionally it is given out that a brother has departed this life, and the fraternity is respectfully summoned to do honor to his remains, but it is all a sham – a big swindle got up to throw dust in the eyes of uninitiated. The coffin is stuffed full of bricks, and deposited with due solemnity in the cemetery; while the brothers and friends are blubbering their eyes over the grave of the dear departed and the dear departed himself quietly enjoying himself in the back room of some hotel, preparatory to leaving for parts unknown. It is a fact, Mr. Editor, Masons never die. They may change their outward appearance, and move off to other spheres, but as for dying, they don’t do it. It is supposed by some after they have transacted enough wickedness on this earth, they are transformed into comets and meteors, and go wandering through space, kicking up shindies, and raising the devil generally, and a great many people suppose that the last meteoric display was nothing more nor less than a free fight between some rival lodges that had crossed each other’s path; the different colored lights betoken the different degrees they had acquired while in the flesh.
Free Masonry is of ancient date, as proved by the fact that during the wet season Noah used to hold meetings in a corner of the Ark. He was obliged to give it up, however, owing to the curiosity of Mrs. Noah, who, notwithstanding the fact that her husband placed a couple of lions and a big crocodile at the door as outside guard, came pretty near finding out the secret and starting a female lodge on her own hook.
I must tell you of the perils and trials I had to undergo to become a Mason. On the evening in question, I presented myself at the door of the lodge room, No 66, 666, sign of the skull and crossbones. I was conducted to an ante room, where five or six melancholy chaps in sashes and embroidered napkins were waiting to receive me. On my entrance they all got up and turned back summersaults and then resumed their seats. A big fat fellow, who sat in the middle, and who seemed to be proprietor, then said, "Sinner, from the outer world, advance! I advanced. "Will you give up everything to join us?" "Not if I know it," I said, "there is my wife and fourteen fine —–." Another party here told me to say "yes," as it was merely a matter of form. So I said, "yes I give up everything." The fellows in the towels then groaned and said, "’tis wel." "Do you swear never to reveal anything you may see or hear this evening, to any human being, nor to your wife?" I said, "’pon my word I will not." They then examined my teeth and felt my muscles, and made me put out my tongue, and then groaned again. I said, "if you don’t feel well, I have got a little bottle here that – " The fat man here took the bottle from me and told me to shut up. He then in a voice of thunder said, "bring forth the goat." Another fellow then came up with a big cloth to blindfold me. "No you don’t, Mr. Mason," I said, "no tricks on travelers, if you please. I don’t believe in playing blind man’s buff with a goat. I’ll ride the devil if you like, but I don’t go it blind. Stand back or I’ll knock you into smithereens." They were too much for me, however, so I had to submit and be blindfolded. The goat was then led in, and I could hear him making an awful racket among the furniture. I began to feel that I was urgently wanted at home, but I was in for it, and couldn’t help myself. Three or four fellows then seized me, and with a demonical laugh, pitched me on the animal’s back, telling me at the same time to look out for squalls. I have been in a good many scrapes, Mr. Editor. I have been in an election fight – I’ve been pitched out of a fourth story window – I’ve gone down in a railroad collision, and up in a steamboat explosion, but this goat excursion was a little ahead of them all. The confounded thing must be all wings and horns. It bumped me against the table and the chairs, and the stove and the ceiling, but I hung on like a Trojan. I turned front somersaults, and rolled over and over till I thought it was all over with me. I was just on the point of giving up, when the bandage fell from my eyes and the goat bounded through the window with a yell like a Comanche Indian giving up the ghost. I was in a Lodge of Masons. They were dancing a war dance around a big skull, and playing leap-frog and turning hand-springs, and the big fat fellow of the ante-room was standing on his head in a corner fluishing the contents of my little bottle. Order was soon restored, and I was led up to a desk and told to stand at ease. The Chief Engineer of the establishment then put his thumb to his nose, and stretching out his fingers in the shape of a fan, toward me, and commanded silence. The rest of the brethren did likewise and were silent. The governor then addressed me: "Brother Knobb, you are now one of us. You are now a member of an institution that has lasted over ten millions of years. From this forward your constitution is sound. You are impervious to light and heat, or any other atmospheric influence. You are water-proof, fire-proof, ond over proof. With impunity you may walk through the lake, or sit on a red hot stove. With impunity drink acquafortis, rye whiskey, Wahoo Bitters, or any other poisionous substance. You are free from rheumatism, dyspepsia, whooping cough or the measles. The Sheriff dare not seize you for debt, nor the policeman arrest you for misdemeanor. You are of us and you are safe. Here is the password; with that and a big club you can get into any lodge in Christendom." I then took the oath on a pack of cards, and stood the whiskey and water all around, and I was a Mason.
Source: Daily Colorado Tribune (Denver, Denver County), Sunday March 8, 1868, page 1
How He Became a Freemason.
The goat, the goat, the bearded goat,
The horned, the hoofed, the hairy goat;
As I’m a sinner of some note,
This night I rode the Masonic goat.
He was a beast of wondrous size,
With lengthened limbs and glassy eyes,
And beard that swept the carpet clear,
And horns that touched the chandelier.
Ye gods! If there’s time we feel
Misgivings through our noddle steal,
‘Tis when we through the mysteries float
Upon the dark Freemasons’ goat.
Three times was I compelled to ride
The beast around the temple wide,
And when I tried the fearful mount
My heart’s pulsations all could count.
Twice did I make the circuit fair,
With hold on horns, on tail and hair,
Till on the third attempt and last,
When I presumed all danger past,
He pitched me clear off horns and head
And left me far below for dead.
But when I rose with courage frail
The goat had vanished, head and tail,
And I was styled by one and all
The liveliest Mason in the hall.
                                 – Concha County Herald.
Source: The Quincy Daily Whig; Jun 18, 1893, page 5

The Masonic Goat

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Image Source: History of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons and Concordant Orders, edited by Lee C. Hascall et. al., 1890
"Riding the goat" is a very secretive aspect of Freemasonry, and that most of regular Society is unaware of it’s true meaning, is a constant "running joke" with Freemasons. That is because they want us to think that the use of this "Masonic Goat" is only for an initiation prank, but it is anything but innocent. Here are some articles which pertain to this "Masonic Goat":
After moistening their throats the quartet of the delegation, Emmett Browning, first tenor; William Heath, second tenor; F.H. Forbes, first bass, and J.M. Root, second bass, sang the songs of their native land to the admiration of hundreds who heard them, and one song they sang. "The Song of the Shrine," written by Mr. Browning, and composed by Captain Shuey, was a "corker."
You are earnestly requested,
Now that you have been divested.
To be loyal to the staunchest craft afloat;
And when you’re reinvested
You become more interested
And stick tighter to the old Masonic Goat.
At first you are suspicious,
But you find it quite nutritious,
And your appetite grows stronger all the time.
You say it is delicious
And you’re feeling quite felicious,
As up the ladder step by step you climb.
Refrain: Zip! let’er go! ha! ha!  (Now where have we heard this before?)
Hark! hear the signet fall,
While you twang the doodle, doodle dum!
‘Tis the song the Shriners sing
And the song that is the thing.
If I live to see another day
A Shriner I will be.
But the audience was not satisfied with this effort, and for half an hour the best male quartet in Minnesota made the corridors of the hotel ring with their songs.
Source: Omaha Daily Bee (Omaha [Neb.]), July 23, 1894, Page 8, Image 8
INDIANAPOLIS, December 29th. – Eighteen Celestials who reside in this city and State were today instructed in the first degree of Chinese Freemasonry by Mang Du, Chief Master and Bishop of San Francisco. Other noted Chinese from San Francisco are present, and the work will be continued until Sunday.
Source: Daily alta California, Edition 1, Volume 83, Issue Number 184, Page number 6
A young man in New York was deeply impressed with the beauties of Freemasonry and after considerable effort, mental and otherwise, had fitted himself for the ceremony of initiation into the order. He had heard of the "goat" and the "gridiron" and many other things connected with the first degree and was prepared to be surprised at nothing. In the course of his first evening at the lodge he stepped on a tack, which stuck into his foot and gave him considerable pain. He said nothing and made no effort to remove it, painful though it was. Two hours later, when it seemed to him that there was nothing more to come in the way of initiation, he asked if he might take the tack out of his foot. His sufferings were not ameliorated when he was told that the tack had nothing to do with the ceremonies. – New York Post.
Source: Amador ledger, 1903-12-18, Edition 1, Volume 1903, Issue Number 18, Page Number 4
The great end and aim of Freemasonry, we are told is CHARITY. But according to this statement, the charity of St. Johns’ Lodge bore about the same relation to its refreshments, as Sir John Falstaff’s bread bore to his sack. – Alb. Jour.
If any thing is needed to confirm the belief of antimasons, in the virulent, withering, deadly and persecuting spirit of freemasonry, the conduct of some of its members as recently exhibited, has furnished abundant evidence of the fact. And many who have heretofore had great faith in the purity of freemasonry, are now satisfied that its spirit is selfish, sordid, exclusive, and persecuting.
As an illustration of this fact, take one of their old and long tried friends – let his character be ever so unsullied and pure in a political, moral, or religious point of view, and let him be convinced that it is his duty to put himself into the antimasonic ranks, and assist in rolling up the orb of truth and righteousness, so that the dark recesses and bloody mysteries of masonic tyranny and vengeance may be penetrated and exposed. Let this be done and what is the consequence? He is immediately marked out by his quandum masonic friends, as the victim of their bitterness and most vindictive malice. Their shafts, dipt in poison double distilled, are showered upon him in thick profusion, and the vocabulary of Billingsgate is searched in vain for language expressive enough to convey and carry home with effect and power, the full meaning of their venom and ire.
With them this man’s character, although pure and unspotted before, is now black as "Erebus." He is not to be trusted – every means is taken to alienate his friends from him – to stop his success in business – to mar his fortune in every possible way – traduce his character, bring his reputation, if possible, into general suspicion and contempt – and in a word, to destroy himself and family, if in their power, and cast them pennyless on the cold charities of the world.
Such is the spirit which free masonry engenders in the breast of her devotees, and  such the persecution which the antimasonic candidate for member of Congress is receiving from his former professed friends. – Oswego Press
Source: Ogdenburgh, [N.Y.] March 21, 1833
Here we are 176 years later, and nothing has changed at all, has it? This is exactly what Masonic Info, Freemasons and Masonic Ripperologists are doing to me now. For shame!!